It’s OK to be picky! :)


When I was younger, I always seemed to have a problem with choosing friends. I was to social, I was friends with everyone! But to think of it now were those friends really worth it?

يَا وَيْلَتَى لَيْتَنِي لَمْ أَتَّخِذْ فُلَاناً خَلِيلاً

“Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend!

[Surat AlFurqan 28 ]

SubhanAllah, and then I read this ayah. First of all the word khalil is not just any friend, its a companion. We all know that friends make us who we are, especially as pre-teens and teenagers, we go through that stage were my friends are my family. You are defined by your friends, you are either with the nerds, popular kids, emo kids, or the ‘just to cool to be with anyone kids’.

I never really understood this ayah until recently, when i met this person who when I say ‘I love you fillah (for the sake of Allah)’ I truly mean it! It is really hard to find true friends, friends that will be there as a daily reminder for you. We all need those friends, we need someone to tell you that from the bottom of their heart they love you and only want the best for you.

Imagine not having a true friend, a friend that together you strive for the sake of Allah. Imagine there on the day of judgment, you see those people who are under the shade of their Lord on the day where there is no shade but His and you say to yourself ‘I could of been there if i was a bit picker!’ Imagine yourself soaking in your sweat because you thought the ‘religious’ kids were just a waste of your time. SubhanAllah I have tried both sides, and to tell you the truth man do i love those ‘religious kids’ that I used to despise when i was younger.

My mom always told me to be picky, she told me to find friends that are worth it, not those day by day friends who expire after 3 phone calls. No, those friends that even if you don’t live in the same continent will still go out of their way to send you an email, and who will send you a nice reminder! Those are the friends we need!

I Love You for the Sake of Allah

One incident that made me really feel this ayah is when a friend of mine who seemed to be ‘ok’ did something that was just shocking, and just striaght up haram! And I thought all this time she was good and together we could strive on the siratul mustaqeem (of course she still has good in her but she was not for me).  After that I just imagined my state on the day of judgment, was it worth it if i didn’t take this dunya seriously, was it worth it to just ‘fit in’ with the crowd.

So from today, find a friend that when they tell you they love you fillah they mean it. When they tell you ‘hey lets pray qiyam tonight’ they are looking out for you. And subhanaAllah, its really not worth it on the day of judgment to be standing there and seeing that you had the opportunity to be shaded but you just weren’t to picky. And if you have that friend, keep them close to you :D.


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  1. This is by far the best written work I’ve read about friendship. I have read it many times trying to decide how to leave a comment…It is so wise, so true. How often do I hear myself saying that ayah HERE IN DUNYA about past friendships, and as you know, I AM THE REALLLY PICKY ONE! SubhanAllah. We can never be too careful. It is so important to have good friends that lead you to Jannah, we really can’t do without them. But the other day I was in a lecture and the lady mentioned how important it is to have good friends to keep you on the straight path….and that if you can’t find those friends, befriend the quran. Befriend Islamic knowledge. It really got me because those quality friendships aren’t always available, aren’t always permanent, and aren’t always accessible. But yet they are always necessary.

    Once again, great post mashAllah…

    “What comes from the heart, hits the heart, what comes from the tongue, barely passes the ears.”

    This is definitley, definitley from the heart.

    MashAllah 3aleke 😉

  2. JazakunaAllahu khairun for such kind words ❤

    @Sarah: ameen! 🙂

    @DOP: i never really thought about 'befriending' the quran subhanAllah that is something so amazing and just wow!

    once again jazakanuaAllahu khairun 😀

  3. Amazing post mashaAllah! And a lovely blog as well…This my first drop by of many future ones inshaAllah! 😀

    May Allah strengthen you on the straight path and bless you with friendships that start in this life and end in Jannah under the shade of beautiful trees!!

    Daughter of Pearls, I thought of you LOTS today!

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