Purify then Beautify!


Alhamduliah! Ramadan is so near! 😀 😀

There is a saying التخلية قبل التحلية -Purification before Beautification

So what does this phrase really mean?  I tried to compare this phrase to a jar. It starts off as a single piece of trash=sins, but through out the year it acumilates and now its been one whole year the jar is full of garbage. Ramadan is around the corner, and what your goal is to fill that jar up with all the good stuff, lets say for example good=candy! How can you fill something that is already full? Well now is the time! Time to empty out all our bad sins/habits. Become pure from all our faults, you must empty to fill, meaning empty the bad stuff so you can replace with good.

Start now before Ramadan; for example read more quran, lengthen your prayers, lessen your food intake, and so on. Every single thing emptied and replaced counts and espically in Ramadan, everything is weighed more!

I made these pictures as a reminder:

Get rid of that trash…


So you can have room for the good stuff 🙂


Wallahu ta’ala ‘alam


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  2. LOL at the pingback 🙂 Well, here I am in person telling you that this was an awesome post mashAllah, and yes, I borrowed it 🙂

    JazkiAlllahu Khairan!

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