Got Milk?


Definition:  My life – once pure and filled to the brim, now spilled and in need of a wipe!

Personally made this for TheOneStudent!
say bismillah before you drink 😉


I welcome you to the blogging sisterhood student! 😀


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  1. Lol it truly is a blogging sisterhood:
    hiddensouls, DOP (me), student/skimmilk, bintAbi, Sarah/bintmushtaq….

    A ring of 5 bloggers, each the most avid readers on each others blogs, each the most active commenters on each others blogs, each have each others blogs on their blogrolls….We might as well just all share one blog!!

    There is a very, very fine line between this blogging sisterhood….and…..absolute total lameness :p (I hope we’re on the right side!)

  2. *bintAbi, I wanted to post this yesterday…*

    …Thanks a billion for everything! May your life be filled with fresh milk that is never spilled! …okay sorry, I admit, that was pretty wacked 😀

    @ DOP – Hahahahahahahaha…(never ending – I literally had to calm myself down when I read it :D) I can imagine you saying that too … *sigh* …we miss you!

    I think the main reason why I ended up making a blog was because of bintAbi insisting on it (:D) and because…well, this may sound really weird..but as technologically challenged that I am, it’s fun designing blogs!!
    Lol, inshaAllah I will end up posting some beneficial things on my blog and not let it take over my life….!

    *Sorry for taking over your comment page bintAbi!*

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