And here it comes again…


SubhanAllah its seems like it was yesterday that I was coming home from my last exam! Now its the end of August, and I just got my scheduele… *sigh*

School Year Resolutions:

  • School is kinda serious, so take it seriously
  • If you choose to make school based on friends then you won’t study
  • Ignore people in the hallways
  • Don’t talk between classes try to just get there!
  • Lunch time is to chill don’t talk about classes
  • In class, sit in the front so you can actually understand what your teacher is saying!
  • Don’t base your way of getting knowledge from teachers, I figured this out the hard way. Do your own research!
  • Live in my little bubble (aka my abaya)
  • Take a rest from GMAIL šŸ˜¦


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  1. …*BRIGHT* side?? I don’t see any light!!

    …..sniff sniff.

    You’re right, it does bring relief (mixed with nervousness) – I’ve got one year left before I’m forced to do something important with my life… year left to – to – to…. ????

  2. Hahahahahhahahaha!
    High school sucks! And doesn’t get better!
    Trust me, I went to 3 different ones-the only reason you go is to get out :p
    @ bintAbi- your tips are true…and they make you sound like such a hard-working, devoted, dedicated student! (ironic?)
    @ spilled(skim)milk- one year left is the bright side! I’m sure you’ll like university way better. Of course that is where all the important decision making comes in- but you’ll definitely enjoy the whole package more inshAllah!

    • I think that what keeps most of us going… if we have a goal we will do whatever it takes..

      *sigh* Take advantage of those 20 days šŸ˜‰

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