The 2 Missing Ingredients (Part 1)


Every day in our lives we have decisions to make. Depending on who you are you have different priorities. A mother puts her children and decides what to do. She has to decide what food everyone in the family will like. A student has to decide what subject to study first, what time to get up for school. A doctor has to decide whether this medication is better than the other, and the list goes on.

But sometimes, we have those decisions which take days upon days even weeks or months to decide what the best answer would be. Like for example what school to go to or who you want to marry. So how do we really really know what the best answer is?

Recently I have been faced with a very big decision (well for me it is :P) and it is basically a subject I wake up and sleep thinking about. Its something i really want but at the same time to scared to take that step. SubhanAllah. So what i did was go through my old school notes, and went on websites i remember my Careers teacher telling me about to know how to become better at decision making.

Some important points:

1. Write down pros and cons.

2. Whats my goal? Will making this decision get me there?

3. Look into it, ask people, study the matter very seriously

4. Ambition rate? You really want it?

5. Do you have a plan B?

As you can see they are very very repeated questions we are told to ask ourselves when faced with a decision to make.This is in fact a very smart way to decide, i love the idea of writing down pros and cons but for some reason, i always feel like I am too selfish, I don’t know how to explain it. All these questions are about me? What do i think? Me, me, and .. me!

I thought about it and just was amazed by how much we butt into our own lives. Ok sounds weird, but what i mean is sometimes we forget the two most important things that Allah subhanahu wa ta’la told us to not forget. Two things that we are repeatedly reminded of through the stories of the prophets were tested and trialed through. What are these two things?

Duaa and Tawakul.

So I will leave you to ponder about that until I write up the next batch 😉

To be continued inshaaAllah =) I broke my shift key lol


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  1. SubhanAllah, Istikharaa is my main-man…lol main-duaa that is..
    Recent Istikhara story (witnessed by HS): We were at a Moroccan restraunt which offered a Moroccan menu and a Mexican menu-don’t ask- but each one offered chicken fajita but with a twist in each.

    I couldn’t decide.
    I started doing istikhara.
    As the waiter was standing.
    As the girls were waiting.
    And I was staring at the menus for an inspiration-which btw I know isn’t how istikhara works but I still hope for one each time.

    Alhamdulilah, Didn’t regret that fajita !! (I went with the mexican btw)

  2. As for Dania, jazakiAllahu khairan- a much needed Reminder!!! I want part 2 as well..

    lol @ breaking your shift key 😉 You can borrow my laptop if it’s for this post!!!

  3. Glad you are anticipating second part but i was just wondering, was it too obvious that I was going to talk about istikharaa 🙂 you guys ruined it 😛

    now i have to change around my second part
    Khair inshaAllah

    And DOP its ok i fixed it 😉

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