Seriously, Wake up!



Inna lilah wa inaa ilayhi la raji’oon

SubhanaAllah, it seems like yesterday I prayed janazah for a sister in our community, and today I prayed janazah for a brother. Both of them young.

I feel like i benefit from each janazah in a way I cannot describe, but for some reason, I will never forget this incident. This brother who passed away (Allah yerhamo) was a brother of a dear friend of mine, shes my age, we hung out a lot, had fun, ate pizza, and laughed. But subhanAllah i have never imagined to be sitting next to her, holding her hand tight next to me, repeatingly saying ‘inna liah wa inaa ilayhi laraji’oon. She was in denial, saying ‘No, no, I don’t know why everyone is crying, I shut the door after he left, and he said he’s coming back!’

Sigh. It was shocking, traumatizing, horrifying, but alhamduliah.

It was a strange death, this brother was shot, downtown after midnight.

Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing). [Al’Imran 185]

SubhanAllah, i have only heard good about this brother, from his sister and friends, but what i read in the news, shocked me. They claimed he was leaving a bar and got shot becuase of gangs he had belonged to. Allahu ‘alam if the stories are true, and we all hope and pray they are not.

At the janazah, an extremely large number of nonmuslims were there, I even think they were more than the muslims. There was at least 25 non-muslim girls sitting with us. I talk to them, asking them how they knew him and what not. I even helped a couple of sisters put on a hijab alhamduliah. What got me thinking was, maybe allahu ‘alam if he hadn’t died doing the best thing, maybe a person at the janazah would of converted. InshaAllah!

So, how do we benefit? The countless amount of youth dying regularly is very scary subhanAllah. It makes a person constantly think, how do I know the angel of death won’t choose me next? Well, we don’t know.

Another thing a friend of mine mentioned was a person is really really known, after their death. It really hit me today, a person can be a straight up hypocrite. But we never know, we never know but truly a person’s heart and faith shines and shows after his/her death. It can be through so many ways, the number of people who spoke only good of him/her, the number of people at the janazah, the way he died, and so on.

Death. Its bitter, its hard, but in the end, let us view it as a reminder. A reminder that really, seriously wake up! This life, its so short, so useless, its time to change, its time-right now- to change. You want jannaah, Allah subhanaahu wa ta’ala tells us various ways to get there. Its time to leave this dunya behind, leave it, and put the grave in front of us. The grave. Our destination, not our final, but the next stop. And its so near, we just don’t know. We all need this reminder, for me foremost.

You never know, when you will end up alone, in that hole. So, take the remainding time left and make it worthy.

Wallahu ‘alam.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala make it easy on his family. May Allah protect him from the trials of the grave. Keep him and his family in your duaa’s please.

Read more here. (no one knows how acurate it is though- i will try to update this inshaAllah)


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  1. subhanAllah…this post was so touching im really thinking hard now…
    inna lilla wa inna illayhe raji3oon
    jazakiallah khair for bringing up such good points…

  2. Nice post. Subhanallah. when Death touches it hit realy hard. I always ask my self why? may be we always think it is far far from happining to us. In surat Yaseen Allah subhanahu wa taala teaches us alot about how every thing is coming to end Earth, human, sun , moon even day and night . If we just pay attention.

    • Very good point.
      Just imagine, if we were really able to understand the meaning of the quran in depth, how amazing our lives would be. SubhanaAllah.

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