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Remember Them



Just a friendly reminder:

“There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslm makes dua (supplication) in it, his dua will definitely be accepted.” And He (Peace be upon him) pointed out the shortness of that time with his hands.

[Bukhari and Muslim]

But of course this is not restricted to Friday, currently, and always we the ummah are in need for duaa’s and are in need of making it. Justice will arise soon insha’Allah… and remember;

“When (will come) the Help of Allâh?” Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allâh is near!

[Surat alBaqarah: 214]

So, make it and keep it part of your schedule, it will not only benefit you but everyone else- insha’Allah!


Cyberspace- I want Change!



How sad, cyberspace is now our life, our world our everything 😦

That tunnel doesn’t look pretty welcoming to me…

Random? Not really. Through a couple of things this really hit me. HARD.

I finished my homework early alhamduliah yesterday and my mom told me to go out for a walk. So i did. I ended up at my friends house. So how does this have to do with cyberspace (gchat and texting ?). Well first off, i took a 4 hour break from the computer. it was AWESOME! alhamduliah. 2nd, i haven’t seen my friend in a loooong while, it was so nice to see her smile, so nice to just be able to sit on the floor of the basement and laugh about  her physics binder ;).

What happened to those days? What happened to the days where you would ‘call someone’ using your HOUSE phone, so you can meet up somewhere.

Now the only way i know my friends are through this beautiful world, called cyberspace. 😐

All i see people as are either their online name or just a nickname on my cell phone. SubhanaAllah i don’t like it. Another incident that happened, i was joking around with my friend didn’t mean to hurt her, but sadly we can never know what the other side of cyberspace is thinking. Laughing about something won’t make sense from behind a screen.

For one assignment i had to do a report about how the internet and socializing sites are really harming our society. At first i just did the assignment because, i had too :P. But it really got to me. Have our friendships developed to the better over the internet ? It is a sad truth, and i do not want to admit it.

How can we change this?

So what are my plans after school ? Burn up the books, naw thats old school.

Poor Donald- he’s wearing glasses! :S

13 Steps to MEMORIZE the Quran


13 steps to memorize the Qur’an by Yasir Qadhi


1.  Sincerity. The first matter you have to pay attention to is your intention (if you intend good you will get good). Make sure that the intention you are making is only for the sake of Allah SWT,  to seek His Pleasure so that inshAllah, with His Mercy, we will be rewarded in the Aakhirah. It is not to show off in front of others that you have memorized a lot. Sincerity is not a one time factor rather it’s a continual battle that you always have to renew.

2.  Consistency . The more frequently you memorize, the easier it becomes. It is very essential to be consistent, and not to skip even one day. There is no Week-end in worship. The bare minimum that one should memorize is at least 3 lines, 5 is more ideal. If you are consistent, inshAllah, you will be able to be huffadh in 5-6 years

3.  Timing. The first thing you should do in the day is memorize – even do so before your breakfast, because this is your spiritual breakfast. The best time to memorize is right after Fajr. . (sh. Yasir used to take one hour to memorize a page in the beginning, and eventually came down to 15-20 minutes)

4.  Atmosphere. Have a secluded place to go to and memorize in a place that is quiet. You just can’t memorize properly with distractions, so turn off all your devices (like cell phones)

5.  Familiarity: start at the same time, at the same place and use the same mushaf every day. You need to have your own copy of the Mushaf (the Madani Mushaf is highly recommended), it will later become so dear to you.

6.  No Magic trick: repeat, repeat, repeat, over and over again. It is just repetitive recitation and/or listening that will help to memorize.

7. Memorize with the meaning: read the translation before you start and try to match the Arabic words with their meanings

8. Surround yourself with recitation: listen to the Qur’an. Before you start memorize, listen to what you are about to memorize. Sh. Husary is highly recommended (see here the best resources to help you memorize)

9.  Find a recitation buddy: get a friend, a family member or someone you know who will listen to your recitation every day. Ideally, get someone who is also memorizing to create a peer pressure system.

10.  Recite daily in your salaat what you have memorized. If you forget one portion, you will immediately rush towards the Qur’an and correct your mistake and you will never do this mistake again.

11. Triple daily dose:

a)     New memorization at your assigned time of the day

b)    Revision of the previous 7 days, just before you start the new memorization: This is because the fastest thing you forget is the new memorization. And doing so, will also build the connector between the old ones and the new portion you are going to memorize. Plus, it will be a good warm up for the brain when you recall from your memory and recite, before you go into the real exercise of doing the new memorization.

c)     At a later/another time of the day, revise those before the recent 7 days. The bare minimum should be 4-5 pages.

12. Do not jump around. Be consistent. Don’t try to go to another surah if you find it difficult and stick to the order. That way, you will have the satisfaction of having completed a juz rather than leaving some portions here and there.

13.  The three chunks. Start from the back. Shorter surahs will bring you a big boost. You should divide the memorization of the Qur’an in three parts:

a)     Juz 28, 29, 30 or just Juz 29, 30

b)    Surah Al-Kahf till Juz 28

c)     Surah Al-Baqara to Surah Al-Kahf

Is it true?


Ouch! How does that make you feel? Pretty bad eh?

I belive that great things began as dreams. Didn’t all the great leaders, begin with a ‘dream!’

The Rasool ‘alayhi asalam, didn’t he have a vision in making the ummah so large and so vast. Reaching lands so far away from him. This dream, this hope lead him to be the greatest learder known to human kind. He held that dream as his guide. It was the ‘ummah’ now that was why he was striving for.  Ummati Ummati, where the words he cried before he died.

So, if you have a dream, cherish it. Stay with your dreams ;), and allow your life to be a dream, a goal you want to achieve. Because dreams are what become reality.

‘Dreams are like rainbows. Only the wise know how to form them and chase them.’

*runs off to chase her dream* 😉 whos with me?!

Ants :)


I was doing my anthropology homework today and I read something very very interesting.

Check it out,

“Have ants ever ruined your picnic?  Did you stop to wonder why there were so many?  After all, what are the odds that so many just happened to stumble across your picnic at the same time?  Pretty small actually.

In fact, ants form complex societal structures, including using pheromone based communication, which permits them to work collaboratively for the common good (just like you do when you volunteer).  An ant that stumbles across your picnic (and doesn’t get squashed) will go back to the colony and “tell” the other ants where to go to get the eats.

Even more impressive (or disturbing) is that ants also associate for the same reasons we do, and they fit the definition perfectly – they unify, protect, expand, and identify.  Certain ants even ‘farm’ aphids for milk (and then eat them), just like we do with cattle.

So what does this all mean?  Well, some sociologists suggest that societal formation is a natural outcome for any similar organism grouping.  And it seems like certain societal practices – collaboration, sharing, security, identity – are necessary.  Perhaps we are born wanting to be a part of something larger than ourselves…”

SubhanaAllah, after pondering about how amazing they are the first thing that came in mind was: psssht we already know that! 😀 alhamduliah

18. Till, when they came to the valley of the ants, one of the ants said: “O ants! Enter your dwellings, lest Sulaimân (Solomon) and his hosts crush you, while they perceive not.”

[Surat alNaml]

Just thought I would share 🙂



We all know the term womb in arabic is Rahm, and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has chose the this term for himself as well, arRahman. We see that the relationship bewteen the mother and her baby is the most merciful relationship ever! and from this Allah teachs us the virtue of his nam, the most Merciful.

But, the rahma does not stop here. Rahma is also put in the mothers heart, even if it is not towards her own child.

Lookit 🙂

And also in animals! Allah has created all these creatures with special traits and qualities.

سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ عَمَّا يُشْرِكُونَ