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May Allah give strength to these sisters and keep them steadfast on His deen, and allow them to gain His pleasure and reward them all.

Also, a good read here.


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    someone was JUST talking about this in front of me and I was wondering what the story was…

    In the video they mention that they made one girl take off her niqab…
    They made her take it off, and when she did they were like “Oh wow, I wonder what you would do if you were actually pretty. (basically telling her she was ugly)..
    And then they were saying that she doesnt even wear niqab but she covered her face when they became because that is how she was raised.
    And then the man told her I know more about Islam than you and your parents….and its just a cultural habit and not ibadah (worship)…

    SubhanAllah…so so disgusting that THIS is what the Muslim ‘leaders’ are doing!

    May Allah keep these women steadfast and raise their status…

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