Where is my tree?


I was going through some of my old stuff and came across this poem i wrote in 7th grade, i have a lot of mistakes. It was a poem about a tree from a palestinan kids point of view. Thought i would share it 😛

Where did my tree go?
I stand down here
Like a little ant
I look above and spin ahead
I look at the tree that covers me today
But as I woke up the next day
Going to rest and be shaded again
I look up high
Waiting to become an ant again
I find no tree
Where did it go
Why is my home so dead
I look around and find no living soul
Glancing about to see a war
Trucks came and chopped down the trees
Taking our land
I can’t imagine this day has come
Where I will stand in the sun
Finding out that my tree has gone
And that the bombs drop down

It seems to be a rainy day
The morning sky, dark it seems so gray
Like a gloomy shadow moving away
I rest against a big old rock
Trying to not fear and being relaxed

It doesn’t work my face wont change
A smile can’t just appear
A tear will always drop
Wishing that my tree will just pop up
To hide me and protect me from every shock
I watch as all the soldiers pass me by
Marching, all trying to hide their fright


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