Flash Mobs?


Enjoy 🙂 Cool things happen in NYC

Disclaimer: there is music

(I don’t know whats up with the inappropriate picture, please excuse it lol)

(Love the firefighter hat 😛 )


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  1. Ya Allah fadyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen halnaas!!

    The last one is HILARIOUS though…I was really laughing..its so funny…people get so involved and worried…did they not see it was like 1m off the ground?? It’s just funny…if their are kid jumped twice that distance in the park they wouldn’t think about it…they just worry cuz others are worried…mob psychology!

  2. BUSHRA…did you notice something??? that was the train we went on!! train number 6!!! and at around 1.51 minutes of the video, they say that the next stop is: 23rd street…that’s MY STOP!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWW…

    and dania…bushra and i went to grand central and took pictures there 😀 lol…

  3. LOL honey I did notice actually!!! That’s why I told you to watch these videos 😉 (Actually, I had a feeling you didn’t get those messages…) I was just waiting for you to watch the videos…
    Actually I saw the Grand Central video before we went…like years ago….So when we went there I was like “OH THIS IS WHERE THOSE PEOPLE FROZE!!!!

    Ahh…good times alhamdulillah…good old 23rd street…My favorite street in all of America 🙂

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