Is it true?


Ouch! How does that make you feel? Pretty bad eh?

I belive that great things began as dreams. Didn’t all the great leaders, begin with a ‘dream!’

The Rasool ‘alayhi asalam, didn’t he have a vision in making the ummah so large and so vast. Reaching lands so far away from him. This dream, this hope lead him to be the greatest learder known to human kind. He held that dream as his guide. It was the ‘ummah’ now that was why he was striving for.  Ummati Ummati, where the words he cried before he died.

So, if you have a dream, cherish it. Stay with your dreams ;), and allow your life to be a dream, a goal you want to achieve. Because dreams are what become reality.

‘Dreams are like rainbows. Only the wise know how to form them and chase them.’

*runs off to chase her dream* 😉 whos with me?!


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  1. lol istikhara GPS…
    does it talk? I like the ones that talk as your going so you don’t have to kill brain cells figuring out the map…
    “In 200 meters, turn right into your future university….
    Then, turn left to find your future career…
    Keep left until your final destination…..”

    Lol Dania as always you can sit next to me and navigate…It’s always that partnership…I drive, she guides…HS, we can follow you…
    ❤ beetle+red-barbie-car days……..

  2. oh my God…lol…racing to the traffic light by KFC lol…and trying to talk before the signal turns left…LOL…those were amazing days man…ya Allah…so wonderful….such sweet memories 😀

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