Cyberspace- I want Change!



How sad, cyberspace is now our life, our world our everything 😦

That tunnel doesn’t look pretty welcoming to me…

Random? Not really. Through a couple of things this really hit me. HARD.

I finished my homework early alhamduliah yesterday and my mom told me to go out for a walk. So i did. I ended up at my friends house. So how does this have to do with cyberspace (gchat and texting ?). Well first off, i took a 4 hour break from the computer. it was AWESOME! alhamduliah. 2nd, i haven’t seen my friend in a loooong while, it was so nice to see her smile, so nice to just be able to sit on the floor of the basement and laugh about  her physics binder ;).

What happened to those days? What happened to the days where you would ‘call someone’ using your HOUSE phone, so you can meet up somewhere.

Now the only way i know my friends are through this beautiful world, called cyberspace. 😐

All i see people as are either their online name or just a nickname on my cell phone. SubhanaAllah i don’t like it. Another incident that happened, i was joking around with my friend didn’t mean to hurt her, but sadly we can never know what the other side of cyberspace is thinking. Laughing about something won’t make sense from behind a screen.

For one assignment i had to do a report about how the internet and socializing sites are really harming our society. At first i just did the assignment because, i had too :P. But it really got to me. Have our friendships developed to the better over the internet ? It is a sad truth, and i do not want to admit it.

How can we change this?

So what are my plans after school ? Burn up the books, naw thats old school.

Poor Donald- he’s wearing glasses! :S


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  1. Such an important topic 🙂
    I really believe it has messed up relationships and perspectives and personalities…subhanAllah one of the most things that must be used in moderation!!!
    I wouldn’t consider myself to have ever been too addicted/concerned w/neither computers nor cell phones…bintAbi you can witness to that 😉 (I think)…
    But still …we do forget about the good stuff sometimes….

    • yeah, it is an important topic, and what i realized too is that sometimes communication is not being able to be received.

      a lot of my friends ‘why doesn’t your email work!’

      So yeah.. i dunno.. i find phone calls a bit better than computers in general.

      sigh … but sometimes the computer/cell can be of use

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