Taking a break from the ongoing of this thing that they called, studying! Ha. Good times…

i miss

…my blog

…my sister/s

…my sister Bushy

…my first love Sarah 😉


…Spilled(Skim) Milk

…my Spanish skills (had to throw that in somewhere)

…inspirational random reflections

…the Prophet

…a good ol’ total Khushu’ prayer in jama’a

…a good tear filled duaa’





I want the old good sisterhood filled blogging filled days, and a big shout out to those who actually come back to this lonely dreamy blog 🙂 sigh

Alhamdulilah alaa kul haal


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  1. sister /s??? I deserve my OWN LINE 😛

    Anyways habibti..I’m coming for you soooooooon bi ithn Allah 🙂 counting down the days!!! And I’m bringing you with me inshAllah (if only for a little while)…..
    sooooo excited alhamduililah…

    And don’t get me into the list of what I miss….that is so never ending!! But you know what? If we realize all the amazing alhamdulillah-blessings we have- we have no time for misery and worries…

    ❤ you

    P.S-anyone reading this…dont spread the word 🙂 I need to induce a few heart attacks…not as much as Ramadan-but at least one or two :p

  2. Ya Bushra – HEART ATTACKS IN RAMADAN ARE NOT HEALTHY! For future reference 🙂 LoL Hope you’re learning that in medschool and please, never, ever, do that again lol. SubhanAllah man… I think my brain stopped functioning for a few seconds. Good thing my heart didn’t lol, alhamdulillah. Looking forward to seeing you inshaAllah!

    Ya Dania – a Random Reflection is up 🙂 Just for you inshaAllah ❤
    I love that picture – I'm missing you a lot right now… hope you're enjoying Majd (but they got nothing on us inshaAllah!)
    And maybe that sister/s means me too? Hehe ❤

    About the Jannah – subhanAllah man, with everything going on, I don't know but my heart's just been aching and I realized I wanna go home 😦 I wanna be in Jannah with no worries, and everyone happy, and together, and no tears, and and and…. ya ArhamurRahimeen…

    I miss the Tbakhis </3

    • @Bushra, hm, ill edit if you want 🙂 also, mama read this and teared up! lolol they are beyond excited alhamdulilah!! I am so excited! 😀 😀

      @ Sarah ❤ Hayati, i miss you too, you are actually categorized under the sister 🙂 like biological (kinda) love like like yeah 🙂 i should of just put you under the Love category and Bushra under the SisterForLife 🙂 haha and i replied to your article

      Sigh, yeah i wanna go to jannah, man after learning about Salah, you just wanna pray.. foreverrrr sniff

  3. @ Dania- your editing was great 😀 Awesome post mashAllah you really hit the spot… subhanAllah i feel like us humans are born with the emotion of “missing”…..its so powerful…we can miss things we never had…..
    I miss blogging toooo…but currently im in teh midst of midterms 2/5 done…3 to go…im actually not supposed to be on the computer im supposed to be studying but subhanAllah i cant wake up lol so this is like a cup of coffee… inshAllah after midterms i will blog…until of course i get caught up with quiz seasons and dreadfuil finals…

    @ Sarah- the only thing im learning in medschool is how to wake them up after the heart attack 😉 loool no thats no true…wow its weird to even say learning…during midterms it feels like opening my brain and stuffing it with facts….. keep me in your du’aas

    and may we all be gathered in Jannah one day…may we say ‘remember when we were commeting on dania’s post on how much we miss jannah? alhamdulilah we are all here now…’


    • Maybe these comments will witness for us on the Day of Judgment, for the fact we all love each other purly for Allah (and cuz we kinda have too 😉 )

  4. Also, yeah subhanAllah we see so many times in the quran how Allah describes how the Insaan (human) has been created in such ways subhanaAllah.. we have so many faults.. may Allah forgive us

    • Actually dundon we were doing our tafseer the other day and in one of the tafseers it was talking about how the human is built with those ‘faults’ not as a defect, but to …if you think of it as a machine… ‘enhance its performance’…
      and he was relating how a fuse in electronics and turn the whole thing off if the voltage is wrong or whatever..
      So basically forgetfulness is not necessarily bad, it just depends on how it is used. you can think of it as mercy from rab al-alimeen…if we were always remembering death we would be in a state of paranoia… and think of the status of insaan when he rises ABOVE his forgetful nature to remember his lord and become from among the ‘thakireen Allah katheera’ (remember Allah abdundantly)….
      May Allah make us among them..

      • yeah i get what you are saying. If we werent forgetfull then we could not own other characterasics. But Allah swt is the all knowning all forgiving. For example, if we were to remember everything we would not be able to forget, but Allah swt gives us so many chances, we keep forgetting and delaying but He still loves us.
        This trait, no human or any species can ever own esp Camels subhanAllah … that in it self is a diff article 😉

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