Inna lilah wa inaa ilayhi la raji’oon…



So i read about this loss here and there but subhanAllah the words they said the duaa’s i read, it just did not seem to be enough. This shaykh-Muhammed Sulayman alAshqar, means so much to me subhanAllah. :(. It scares me how fast and rapidly we are loosing our dear and few scholars. After they are gone, will WE the new generation be able to take care of their extremely massive shoes.. i don’t know how and who will fill them in.

Another great scholar has just pasted away, November 16, 2009 in Amman, Jordan. He was the author of “Zubdat at-Tafsir” ie. my favorite and only Quran (and DOP’s). SubhanAllah, i just LOVE his tafsir, its one of my favorite Quran’s in my house.

When i read that Dr. alAshqar had passed away, i was in total shock. SubhanAllah. The author of the best-est book to me — now dead. But what does this mean to us, to us who live our lives and ware them out. Day in night out, we are just subhanAllah WAY to caught up with this life, its seriously getting to me…

61. And if Allâh were to seize mankind for their wrong-doing, He would not leave on it (the earth) a single moving (living) creature, but He postpones them for an appointed term and when their term comes, neither can they delay nor can they advance it an hour (or a moment)

[Surat alNahl]

Don’t you feel like you are aching to leave this dunya, you do your best you want Jannah, you want to drink from alKawthar, you want to be in the company of the prophet and the companions. You wanna chill with Ayesha and Khadija, Asiya, Maryam. You want a mountain of ice cream ( 🙂 ) … and and subhanAllah it makes my heart hurt, the fact that we get so caught up in this pointless dunya.

SubhanAllah, for whoever is reading this, sisters or brothers, these rapid deaths happening aren’t coincidental. There is a message behind it, the akhira is surely near, lets make the best of our time bi ithnAllahi ta’ala.

This is a reminder for me foremost insha’Allah…

41. And as for those who emigrated for the Cause of Allâh, after suffering oppression, We will certainly give them goodly residence in this world, but indeed the reward of the Hereafter will be greater, if they but knew!

[Surat alNahl]

This is btw my favorite surah currently <3. Alhamdulilah.

What are your plans for the next 8 days of the most blessed days of the year? Do some good, fast, pray, duaa! For me, i totally take myself out of this world, i imagine the Akhira, and maaan thats all i want insha’Allah!!

So, there we go, we lost another dear and wise scholar, now what, do we just say ina illaah wa inaa ilayhi la raji’oon.. and stop. Nope, i refuse…we can’t stop there. First off, how sad is it that a small amount of people remember or know of this scholar, how come that when i googled it i had only one link– the muslim matters article. How come, when MJ died — more muslims were concerned.. what is wrong with this nation?

Inna lilah wa inaa ilayhi la ra’jioon…

Ya Rabb, have mercy on his soul, and allow us all to benefit from his findings and tafsirs, Ya Rabby, allow him to enter the highest levels of jannat al Firdous… Ya Allah.. forgive us all .. allow us to be of benefit to the world..May Allah revive the hearts that are slowly becoming sick ..

Sigh. Ameen.

My passion is gradually increasing as you can see… seeing another scholar pass away it just makes me oh so more concerned.

Insha’Allah khair though 🙂

Back to my dhul hijjah hibernation!

And man aren’t we moslems so good at taking pictures of the Quran, i just wish we could implement what is inside..

PS. read about Shaykh alAshqar here


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