Where art thou?



So I am sitting here thinking, wow; Ramadan came and went. We went through total withdrawal for lets say a week? Then continued on with our day to day life. Now thul-hijjah comes along and we suddenly smell the ajr and wake up!

I mean i don’t mind having that awesome eman rush, where your Inbox is filled with ‘Check out this article, what this video’ etc. I am no psychologist but our brains are so easy to manipulate. You tell someone these are the best days of the year, and subhanAllah, they change 180 degrees. Its good but why can’t we be like that all year long, so when Ramadan/Hajj anything comes along we go up… another step- therefore leaving our hearts in total khushoo’ mode.

Sigh, my friend told me a couple weeks ago ‘Yo, today i just felt like i really miss ramadan!’ I nodded and said yeah me too, but didn’t really feel it – till today. I do miss Ramadan, but Allah subahanhu wa’tala is constantly allowing our hearts go back into that khushoo’ mode – 🙂 alhamdulilah…

Now thul – hijjah is here, our tv’s are open to the only arabic channels we got, we sit there enjoying the beautiful scene of hajj… but lets take total advantage of what we have got here, even if we are in a different continent of where the barakah is over flowing — lets do something here. Start with qiyaam allayl, fast, pray, duaa, Quran, and don’t forget sadaqah.

🙂 Just a quick reminder for myself, thought I would share.

But i still really miss Ramadan 😦


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  1. Sigh…
    رمضان أقبل فالقلوب مريضة
    والنور أمسى خافتا بكياني
    قلي متى يأتي الصباح بنوره
    و متى متى ننصاع للايمان

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