So my iPod was playing, had surat alQaaf playing by one of my favorite reciter. He stopped at one ayah, and said it so emotionally. I rewind-ed  it and listened to it another time, and another.

ادخلوها بسلام ذلك يوم الخلود

“Enter you therein in peace and security; this is a Day of eternal life!”
[Surat alQaaf: 34]

As humans, we can never understand this concept, but why?

The term khuld; eternity– is only referred to something that is unseen. We see the root word of  jannah means to conceal or to veil/ or to keep secret. This is the root word of Jannah (heaven), jeneen (fetus),  and jinn are all the same, something hidden and unseen– but one day will be. The word khuld, is a verb describing Paradise, and is not used to describe Jahanam (Hell). People in hell will be there khalideen fihaa (eternally in it) but the Quran never states–  it is everlasting, although paradise, is described as a place of Khuld, it itself, and the people inhibiting in it. (AlHuda peeps help out! =)

You know, as humans we say a lot of things will last forever; best friends forever, ever lasting love, ever lasting pain, ever lasting this and that, but how can we describe something that we have yet to experience? We have this content feeling that tomorrow is going to come, but subhanAllah how do we think this, when verily, the day you enter jannah is the day of rest, and the day of eternity. Now if you think of forever in the view of, jannah forever, it really hurts your head, we are just incapable of knowing the ‘3ayb. What i find more amazing, is the true believe you must attain, like the level of eman, to be able to believe in something you don’t see? That is part of Islam right, but sometimes you feel people just don’t get it. We believe in a Prophet, we have yet to meet. (inshaAllah!) and we believe in a Lord we have never seen, but we know that He azawajal is the only diety there to ever exist.

I was watching Horton Hears a Ho, and that in itself is a different topic (spilled milk, you should share your reflections right about, NOW! :P) that whole movie, is just *shivers* subhanaAllah, anyhoo, the oft occurring theme of the movie, is ‘if you don’t see it, touch it, or taste it, it is not there’. That is totally against the concept of Ihsaan, and that is how i see where the beauty of islam is, that we humble our ego’s so much to believe in something that is so true, but sent 1400 years ago. wa lilahi alhamd (sorry random tangent)

But the meaning of khuld in jahanam.. what does this mean? Do the people of hell die? No…

74. Verily! Whoever comes to his Lord as a Mujrim (criminal, polytheist, disbeliever in the Oneness of Allâh and His Messengers, sinner, etc.), then surely, for him is Hell, therein he will neither die nor live. [Surat TaHa]

But what happens to them? Is it total annihilation of the mujrimoon and the hell itself, after countless years of punishment? Allahu ‘alam. This is probably one of the most controversial issues, yet.

But my point being, is that we are preparing in this life, for a secret we have yet to reveal– its like an unknown diamond in a vast never ending desert. By the mercy of Allah jalla jalaluhu, He will uncover the Paradise for us inshaAllah. Another cool thing, on the day of judgment, when the kufaar will be brought to jahanam, they will stand there waiting for the doors to open, that is part of the punishment. The uncovering of the punishment. Thats like hard-core.

But,  in paradise’s case, the jannah will already have the doors open, no more waiting no more anticipation, you reached it! And now allow your soul to enter it with salaam- with total sceren and peace. See how cool is that! 🙂 The unveiling has occurred because no one who is not worthy of seeing it will be at that stage now– its only the mu’minoon.


So reflections?


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  1. Jannah is the only thing that is worth it…
    ALHAMDULILLAH it is eternal…
    it is such a blessing from Allah..
    if you think about it, it would have been fair to be just rewarded the amount of years you were good in Dunya and live that long in Jannah. But this is more than fair, this is Allah’s subhanahu wa taala Ihsaan with us-giving us much more than we deserve…….eternal reward….

      • Lol, well hes not one of my favorites, i just love his recitation of this surah… and i dunno if u discovered him… i just consulted shaykh google, and he suggested him 😉

        Lets, not worry about the reciter and actually discuss the topic i mentioned please 🙂

  2. The Missing Post (summarized)…

    Hahahaha, I believe you watched Horton Hears a WHO not ‘Ho’ LOL.

    And as for my unwanted commentary throughout the movie, are you sure you want me to ruin a good movie for everyone?? It’s interesting because a few days ago in literature class, we analyzed the book from a political perspective…only that wasn’t nearly as interesting as watching it from a religious point of view!

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