It’s My Way or the Highway


Disclaimer: This is not meant to be towards anyone, just reflections from experiences. And I talk to myself about this issue first.

Some days you find yourself planning or part of an event. There of course, for some reason, will be issues that arise. What do you do? Ignore or yell to the world It’s My Way or the Highway!!!

Mean eh?

I am not looking at this from an islamical point of view, but of course, many things practiced in islam can be of help. So i felt like googling ‘Qualities of a Leader’.

Ok, i feel this post going no where… one thing though if i should mention would be patience. Don’t we find our selves at a point where you are in total need of a punching bag? Why so?

A must needed quality in a leader is someone who is able to balance between hearing/ sharing ideas and between actually preforming the final decissions. We do not live in a monarchy society, yes i know, but sometimes the leader will have other concerns the rest do not know.

I find this an issue we all lack in. As much patience a leader will learn through experiences, they should never give up their ultimate power. Sometimes some people in the event find ‘one’ idea or situation more reasonable for them, but sometimes- we just got to accept, it won’t work.

This doesn’t mean we dont share ideas, but be more easy going and not so demanding.

But, this does not mean our ego should inflate. No, it should make us more humble. Without humily and the correct inteion what will work? Nothing.

Duhh, work together, but sometimes just accept the fact that there is a leader.

So just random ramblings as usual :).

What are your thoughts?


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