Take a Break Yo



You’ve been sitting down for a good 3 hours, doing some chem, bio, maybe physics, and of course some history!

You look at the time, and realize you need a break. What better break than a salah break?!!

Looking down at those socks stripped in pink, you decide to take a big step, and throw them off. You need to wake up– you need cold water on those toes.

Entering the bathroom turning of the faucet and to add to the dramatic affect, you turn on the nice cold water!

You try to imitate those Acne commercials but end up drenching yourself 🙂

Go back to your room and see that stack of ‘homework’ even though you always end up doing it at school :p.

Take out some 3utr, and make your mat smell that distinct Meccah store smell…

Stand there, and take one last glance at that pile of work.

Allahu Akbaar.

Verily he is Greater than anything else. Place my head smelling that beautiful aroma, i never wanna get back up. I lose myself with the ongoing duaa’s.

Now, isn’t salah the berfect break 🙂

Alhamdulilah for such an amazing blessing!! And this is way better than KitKat 😉 [cuz they usually tell you to take a break and eat KitKat ;)]

The Prophet used to enjoy it, and recite surah after surah and not get tired. Man, your standing in front of your Lord, make each one worth it.

It is the ease your heart is aching for (read my below post).


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