The Death of a Hajji


Got this forward from Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Hejazy

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,

Today (Arafah) at 3:00pm Mecca time, and while he was on the mountain of Arafah, in his white Ihrah cloths, our beloved, prominent, and most respected Sheikh Mohammad Rashad (Imam of Masjid Assalam) gave his last breath… Inna lillah wa Inna elaihi Rajioon.

He called me 3 hours before his departure to Mecca, showing his gratitude for establishing the condensed Sunday courses at Masjid Assalam. I told him: “in chaa Allah, when you come back, we will work together to make even more”. With a very emotional tone he started to cry and said: “Masjid Assalam is a trust on your shoulders!”.

His daughter has passed away last Ramadan, and he gave the best example of a patient father. Another very close relative of him passed away two weeks ago in Ottawa, and he was very patient. Now, Allah took his blessed soul on the mountain of Arafah while in his while Ihram cloths… May Allah grant him Maghfirah, Rahmah, forgiveness and mercy.

May Allah grant Him Jannat Alferdous. May Allah give him reward for every Muslim who pray in Masjid Assalam and for every Muslim who learned from him and from his teachings and Khutbahs. May Allah escalate his rank in Jannah, and give him the glad tiding of being close to the prophet. Ameen.

Today, Ottawa has lost one of the most prominent figures in the Islamic Da’wah and work. May Allah grant us and his family patience, and give us a substitute for this real calamity befalling us.

Brothers and sister, please keep Sheikh Mohammad Rashad in you most sincere Duaa.


SubhanAllah after going through various hardships, it seems like Allah rewarded him– allowing him to die in such an honorable act– on the mount of Arafah!! May Allah grant him nothing less than jannatul Firdous!


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    • La hawla wa la quaata illa billah

      My friend’s parents drove up to Ottawa for his janazah subhanAllah ..

      And jazakiAllahu khairun 🙂 Check in regularly

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