So I saw how Hidden Souls made a new blog (here) and I was like… hm.. i feel like chaning my blogging name as well.

Nothing fancy, but thought i will stick with my real identity.

Goodbye BintAbi— hello Dania


(or shall i stick with bintabi?)


7 responses »

  1. stick with bintabi

    if you really want a change-you can change your avatar…
    like me, i want to change mine cuz i hate the color yellow
    but im too lazy to look for one i like…

    • Hehe, i think I’m going to try out this whole Dania thing, and/or maybe go back to anonymous –until i find a name that leaves me content inshaAllah =)

  2. the color yellow also annoys me…but you can actually change that on picasa…very easy to do…just open the photo in picasa and put a “tint” on it…you can pick whatever color you want!

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