6 Feet Under


Every single day, someone is born and someone dies
It wasn’t long ago my uncle passed and my little niece came to life I get to thinking about my time to go and it won’t be long from now
I shiver inside at the chance that I might leave a life untouched by a vow

And I believe tonight is the night that I decide
That I get busy living and I get ready to die
So that when the fateful day does come when I’m six feet in the ground
The poor and the weak and the orphan and meek will miss having me around
When I pass I don’t wanna leave a life of regret So I give rise to change today
by trying not to forget
That pleasures do pass and sunrises end and stars do fade away
But it’s love and it’s virtue and honor and truth that remain for all days

I want that final breath to be the sweetest of all
And it will be certainty if I answer the call
To help all those in need and decipher the meaning of life
‘Cause the seekers of truth they fear not death anymore than they fear life

–Kareem Salama


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