The Real Cover Girl


The Real Cover Girl

They look at my scarf and try to diagnose me with a cure
but what they don’t realize is that I am beautiful,
strong and secure.
But you see my security does not come from mini skirts
and see through tops and high heels that make my hips go tick-tock.

The radiance on my face can’t be bought at the counter of a drug store;
from Revlon or Maybelline, you see it’s that new shade, it’s called noor.
It stems from the roots that bare the fruits of my eman,
so would the real cover girl please stand up,
then bow down in sujood and patiently rest your forehead against the floor, whispering words that will purify your soul.

From Fajr to Isha I search for the deeds that will satisfy my spiritual needs yet
they cut their eyes and they stigmatize this simple scarf I wear.
But that’s okay, because on that Great Day it’s that simple scarf that
will testify to Allah and say that I obeyed His command each day

written by Akilah Parris

[Source: IGIC]


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