Galloway to Cairo


After going to an event where Galloway gave a speech, i was truly inspired and moved. SubhanAllah, it really amazed me as i talked to some individuals–it amazed me how much they were dedicated to this mission. Even though a large amount of them were not even muslims, but look how they got together for such an amazing cause. Of course that is not the point, i mean i love it how truth will always arise between the hearts of the people. This amazing cause was started by someone who is not from the muslim world. How come we are not able to do this? I guess it is a step by step thing. George Galloway has done so much to spread the truth and reach aid to Gaza. Now its time for everyone else to step up and keep this convoy going.

The mass majority of participants were muslim youth, between the age of 16-24 (those are whom i met with) where average muslims who flew all the way from Ohio, CA, NYC, Chicago, and so on. I really admired their energy and courage to do such a task. I hope i can be one of them next time :). inshaAllah

I ask Allah to make it easy for them and to allow them to reach Gaza easily…

British Lawmaker George Galloway has appealed to Cairo to allow the Viva Palestina humanitarian aid convoy he is accompanying to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The call comes as activists on Viva Palestina faced problems as the convoy was making its way to the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The aid shipment, which originally departed from London on December 3 with the aim of breaking the months-longĀ Israeli siege on Gaza, was prevented by Jordanian police from entering Amman, where it was scheduled to hold rallies.

Instead, dozens of the convoy’s vehicles formed a rolling road block on the main highway to the city and shut down traffic in a move the organizers called a peaceful protest.

After an hour of grid blocked traffic, the police had to back off and promise to allow the pro-Gazan team into the capital city amid unexpected gestures of support from Jordanian drivers stuck in the traffic jam.

In Amman, the founder of Viva Palestina George Galloway thanked Jordanian authorities for finally facilitating the convoy’s entry into Amman and appealed to the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to also open the way for Viva Palestina.

“I ask him on behalf of our convoy, on behalf of all the people around the world, whose hearts are bleeding, whose eyes are weeping for Palestine to please open your gates for us and allow us to proceed through the gates of Rafah to besieged Palestine,” he urged.

The convoy is scheduled to spend two days in Jordan before moving to the Red Sea port of Aqaba where it hopes to take a ferry into Egypt, hopefully, crossing into Gaza.

If nothing intercedes, Viva Palestina is to cross into Gaza on December 27 to mark the first anniversary of the Israeli offensive against the blockaded enclave, but this will not happen if authorities in Cairo refuse to allow the convoy ashore.

Lifeline 3, the third international convoy headed to Gaza under the name Viva Palestina, comprises 210 trucks laden with basic food items and medical supplies

450 activists, including 30 Americans, 150 Turks and a number of Europeans are accompanying the convoy.



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