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Story of Al’Brah


A little girl named Al`brah

This story is of a little girl named Bar`ah who is 10 years old, her parents were doctors who moved to Saudi Arabia in search of better life.

At this age, Bar`ah memorized the whole Quran with tajweed, she was very intelligent, her teacher use to tell her she should be in middle school not primary school.

Her family was small and committed to Islam and its teachings…. suddenly one day the mother started feeling sever abdominal pain, after tests and checkups she found out that she has cancer, but in its late stages.

The mother thought she should tell her daughter, specially if she wakes up one day and didn’t find her mother beside her… so she told her: “Bar`ah I will go to paradise ahead of you, but I want you to read the Quran you memorized every day since it will protect you in this life…”

The little girl didn’t really understand what her mother was trying to tell her… but she started feeling the change in her mother’s status, especially when she was transferred to stay in hospital on a permanent bases. The little girl use to come to the hospital after her school and recite the Quran for her mother till the evening when her father used to take her home.

One day the hospital called the husband and informed him that the his wife’s condition was very bad and he needed to come as fast as he can, so the father picked Bar`ah from her school and headed to the hospital, when they arrived he asked her to stay in the car… so that she wouldn’t get shocked if her mother passed away.

The father got out of his car, with tears filled in his eyes and while crossing the road to enter the hospital, he was hit by a speeding car and died in front of his daughter who came crying to her father…!

The tragedy of Bar`ah is not over yet… the news of her father’s death was hidden from the mother, but after 5 days the mother passed away leaving Bar`ah alone in this life. She become alone without her parents, and her parents’ friends decided to find her relatives in Egypt so that they can take care of her.

Suddenly, Bar`ah started having sever pain like her mother, after a few tests and checkups it was confirmed it was cancer… at the surprise of every one she said: “Alhamdu Lillah, now I will meet my parents.”

All of the family friends were shocked and surprised, this little girl being faced with calamity after calamity and she is patient and satisfied with what Allah ordained for her!

People started hearing about Bar`ah and her story, and a Saudi decided to take care of her… he sent her to the UK for treatment of this disease.

One of the Islamic channels (Al Hafiz – The protector) got in contact with this little girl and asked her to recite the Quran… and this is her beautiful voice with recitation…

They contacted her again before she went into a coma and she made dua for her parents and sang a nasheed…

The days passed by and the cancer spread all over her body, the doctors decided to amputate her legs, and she is patient and satisfied with Allah’s ordains… after a few days the CANCER spread to her brain, upon which doctors decided for another urgent brain surgery… and now her body is in a UK hospital in full COMA…

So pray for her health and speedy recovery…
Another recitation…


Living Asleep


Waking up to chirping birds,
A day in, day out.
The same old routine,
Nothing new,
Thinking you’re awake?

Well, maybe you’re not.

The world is in debt,
People asleep on streets,
Mothers crying, others dying,
Brothers fighting, blood flooding,
And you think you’re awake?
No, on the contrary,
You’re living asleep.

And ignorant.
If only you knew
What life really meant.
What being awake really felt.

Peace and justice would commence.
No crying mothers and bleeding brothers.
No poverty and maybe an end to what they call wars…
There is a solution,
But the formula includes you and me
To wake up.

IGIC: Show Them


Do men think they will be left alone to say, “We believe,” and not be tested? [29:2]

Commitments in life cannot be made without a test. Whenever you go out of your way to reach a new stage in life, you are bound to run into difficulties. Sometimes you think that just because you have reached a new stage in your life, you will not be tested or go through any trials. But Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is only testing you, to allow you to reach higher stages in jannah, insha’Allah. Sometimes you might not see the wisdom behind barriers that pop up in your life; sometimes you just have to accept.

What really happens when you start to wear hijab? What is it about this new step that changes your life? Hijab is not just a piece of fancy cloth wrapped neatly around your hair. Hijab is not the fact that your short-sleeve t-shirts end up in the back of your closet, and the baggy jeans start coming to the front. Hijab is a whole new contract, a new commitment, and like every other commitment in life, you have to take it seriously.

When I began to wear hijab some years ago, I really felt this “being tested” concept come into action. When I began wearing hijab, I remember my best friend telling me now that I wear it, I have to “act it.” I laughed at her when she said that, saying that the way I act is fine, and I need to change nothing except my wardrobe. But I was mistaken. Hijab is not just the act of getting new clothes – it’s a new life style.

To think of it now after four years, wearing hijab was the best thing that ever happened to me. I changed not only to become a person who respects others, but who also respects herself. As I grow older and more attached to Islam, I begin to understand this more and more.

An incident that is unforgettable for me occurred last summer overseas. There was a big dinner one of my relatives was throwing because my aunt and her husband had just come from America. My aunt’s husband has always been a dad-like figure to me. Growing up as their neighbor, I have always been close to him. Now that I had “grown’ up and hadn’t seen him for two years, something changed.

As all my cousins saw him, they raced to hug him, and I was in utter shock. He was a non-muhram, how could they possibly do that? Thoughts began to race in my head, as I did not know what to say. I was confused and bewildered. As my turn came to greet him, his smile widened as he called me by my childhood nickname, and his arms opened as he came to embrace me. At this point, I knew all the seminars I had been attending would not go to waste. I knew Islam had to be implemented, and I was not going to back out. So I nodded politely, and stepped back. I heard the snickering of my cousins and the puzzlement of the rest of my family. I remember at this point, I felt like I was doing something wrong, like I was the odd one out. I felt my eyes welling up with tears. Why was this all going wrong? I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought they would be proud, how come this is their reaction?

Then I snapped out of it, reminding myself that I would not do something to please others, while that action displeases my Lord. My grandfather at this point realized I was in an awkward position so he called me to come sit on his lap.

I knew my relatives all knew the reason I didn’t hug my aunt’s husband, I guess it was just hard for them to actually witness it being implemented. After that, I went off into another room, trying to hide my tears. I was embarrassed, but I did not know why – wasn’t I right?

This experience was not only a humbling for me, but it also allowed my family members to gain an exceptional respect towards me. I came back and sat in the large gathering and began to explain to them that I wear hijab now, and I am not about to displease Allah by violating an aspect of that hijab. At this point, I was a bit annoyed with my cousins, the ones who would not stop laughing at my “religiousness.” To calm my soul, I began to assure myself that my cousins simply did not know. And if they knew, maybe this was a reminder.

I learnt from this situation that hijab was the protection of my dignity. Not only did I learn more about the true “inner me,” but I also learnt how now, as I get older and life gets more serious, I have to find a way to balance out my deen and my relationships with others.

I considered that in this situation, I could have just hugged my aunt’s husband and then forgotten about the whole deal. I could have tried to ignore his presence and pretended I had not heard him call me. But all this could haves just did not seem to be reasonable. If I had done any of those other things, I would never have showed my family that just because its family, it does not mean deen does not have to be implemented. I take my deen seriously, and I wanted to make sure they all knew it, in a polite manner of course.

Strangely enough, this experience brought me closer to my cousins. I realized that they really just didn’t know. So I explained it to them, and saw their noses wrinkle in astonishment. I giggled to myself at their reactions – alhamdulillah, guidance is a blessing from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

The best part is, a couple of days later, my aunt’s husband called me by my childhood nickname, and then paused –

“You don’t mind me calling you that right?” he asked.

I was happy to know that sticking with the truth through this “mini trial” of mine, not only was my aunt’s husband understanding, but he had come to respect and care about my opinion.

Source: here

Not as it Seems


So many times in life, we think that Allah is putting us through such a hard test, we get to points where we think we are given something beyond our ability to fulfill. But then you read this ayaah where Allah assures the opposite:

286. Allâh burdens not a person beyond his scope. He gets reward for that (good) which he has earned, and he is punished for that (evil) which he has earned. “Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us (Jews and Christians); our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Maulâ (Patron, Suppor-ter and Protector, etc.) and give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

[surat albaqarah]

SubhanAllah, Allah jalla wa ‘ala is your Creator right? Doesn’t he know what is best for you?

As humans we tend to forget that behind every action there is a deep wisdom that we will just never know. People in life are tested through various ways. And their patience and ability to pass their tests is what elevates their place in jannah. In school, you see those kids who just don’t get anywhere. They just give up. They convince their souls that they are just not good for school, drop out, and work at Mcdonalds. Not to generalize, but some of them never tried harder, tried to have higher goals. After one experience, they just gave up!

In this life, Allah knows our capacity and capability. He won’t ever test His slave with something they are just not able to do. Some tests though, seem just so imposible and unbareable, but have you ever thought, that Allah loves you and desires you to be in a higher rank in jannah? And man going a next level will be totally worth it.

I love this quote

When Allah puts you to it, He will put you through it.

I think its a human sort of trait that we really give up quickly. We begin to question the wisdom and power of Allah (waliaythu billah).

I read a quote on a sister’s status today and it really really hit me:

Things aren’t always as they seem. Umm Musa was told to throw her son in the river, Yusuf was left for dead in a well, Maryam delivered a child alone, Yunus was swallowed by a whale, Ibrahim was thrown in the fire and Umm Salamah thought no one could be better than Abu Salamah…Yet look at how it turned out for them in the end. So don’t worry, Allah has a plan for you.

[sr. Amatuallah]

BEAUTIFUL! That is so true! subhanAllah! But if we look back at all these people, how Allah through some way or another helped them and assured them.

Umm Musa –

Surat alQasaas 10. And the heart of the mother of Mûsa (Moses) became empty  She was very near to disclose his, had We not strengthened her heart (with Faith), so that she might remain as one of the believers.

The heart, a delicate organ, was tied and strengthened by Allah. He put her heart at ease, knowing the fact that putting your child in a river, leaving him totally in Allah’s hand. But she had this total tawakul, her heart was empty but by Allahs will and wisdom, He let her remain as a believer.

If she were not to trust what Allah has willed for her, and questioned what was really behind the purpose of leaving him in the river, she could have became a nonbeliever.

Two ayahs later, we see the way her heart was filled again

Surat alQasaas 13. So did We restore him to his mother, that she might be delighted, and that she might not grieve, and that she might know that the Promise of Allâh is true. But most of them know not.

Yusuf —

Yusuf alayhi alsalam, has such a deep meaningful story, which takes hours and hours, of explaining. But in short, we saw the wisdom of him being left in the well. His father had been devestated but was patient for his lost, and he only griefed crying to Allah.

Surat Yusuf 102. This is of the news of the Ghaib (unseen) which We reveal by Inspiration to you (O Muhammad SAW ). You were not (present) with them when they arranged their plan together, and (also, while) they were plotting.

After Yusuf became such an important figure, his brothers came back after various years, they asked their father to ask forgiveness for them. SubhanAllah, it is the unseen that we cannot understand, but if we just wait, and keep on going, Allah has a plan for us that we just don’t know until it happens.


Surat Maryam 30. “He [‘Iesa (Jesus)] said: Verily! I am a slave of Allâh, He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet;”

Seriously, i do not know what to say for this part. She delievered a child alone, her first child, and as we know, that isn’t the easiest thing. But she was assured, and was told to be ‘glad’ of her delievery. Allah planned for Essa alyahi asalam, to be a prophet, a great prophet who brought a book to his people. Also, when he talked in his infancy, he defened his mother, how would she have defeneded herself?

Allah plans and he is the best of planners.

Now, i will leave you with that, and in another post, write more 🙂

But remember, if you are put through a test, just do your part, and trust Allah, for He has a plan for you.



When you explain to me the meaning of freedom
You say you are an individual who should not be interfered with
They say you are a liberated soul
Allowed to breathe in your land openly

But what do you call those who seize that?
Take your land away claiming it’s their position
Thieves, liars, and revolutionists?
But when they take my land away, you say it’s their right

Justice, you explain that to me as a moral rightness
A right to have my own right
But they take my identity away
And still you say they are doing justice?

A child still innocent to the corruption of this world
I try to comprehend why my home is taken away
You tell me it’s because it is not mine?
But really then, who does it belong to.

You see, let me clarify it to you
This you see, is my land, my fathers land
This is my bed, my house, my tree
It belongs to me, and not you.

Read ’em!



I know of a sis who would every day, start her day off with a nice walk outside holding a piece of paper. I never really knew what it was, i just thought she liked the nice breeze. But one day i asked her what she was doing, it turned out that that piece of peaper was not any paper, but it was the morning ath’kar.

SubhanAllah it was so amazing, i don’t know why it really hit me, but it did :). So i said to myself ‘hey why not?’. Alhamduliah, for the past couple weeks, i have been trying to become constant with the morning ones, and trying my best to remember the night ones. But seriously what better way to start your morning … so fresh!

There is so much barakah!! SO much! It just subhanAllah :p. You know how a lot of moslems come to a point where they are so overwhelmed with ‘who gave me the evil eye’. Well enough with the nonsense, the athkar not only protect you from the evil eye, but also allows you to have full tawakul on Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, to not even have the whole deal bother you! How awesome is that for some aunties eh ;).

So i found a paper stacked up somewhere on my desk, it had the daily atkhar, as it sat there some days i forgot it took it with me to school or wherever i would go. So then *halal drum roll* I just downloaded  the ‘AZKAR’ app on my iTouch :D. Man do i love it! alhamduliah

The days you start with the rememberance of Allah, are days worth living! Trust moi 🙂

If you do not wanna look like this…

Read your athkar!!