And Yet another Year



T.o.d.a.y is january 1st 2010…

Ask yourself, if Allah gives me life for another
10 years, what do I want to achieve in it?

-Shaykh Muhammed A.

When i think of a whole new year, i have been living for almost 2 decades, i really want to ask myself, what have accomplished? Really.. did i?

As i struggle to write down on my math homework sheet ’10… I really think about how these few years we are living on earth will be really and truly what take us to where our eternity will be.

You maybe have spent the last 10 years disobeying Allah swt. and you may have been worshiping Him continously. But what assures us to keep staraight all the time,

Guide us to the Straight Way

[Surat alFatiha: 6]

We should continously be thanking Allah swt for allowing us to witness these few years, and ask Him to allow us to witness more only for His sake for the reward of the hereafter. I don’t like the whole resolution deal, but personally i want to make the next decade worth it…they may be my last but inshaAllah make the best of what you have.

So lets leave the past, and forget the future and work on the present


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