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I have been spending a lot of time with my cousins lately and realized something really important. Living in the west, to the people back at home, its like haram. They have this phobia of going ‘astray’ and being way to far from the deen and not ‘allowed’ to practice it as it is supposed to be practiced. But for me, i found that coming to the west, was the changing point of my life. I realized the beauty of islam, i realized you can still be cool and ‘religious’, i loved it. I really did. alhamduliah.

So many blessings surround us, for those who are able to attend the masjid, seminars, institutes, and love to learn about your deen, and the best part is, you can actually practice it. Living in the muslim countries, i feel like they are so restricted to this ‘practical’ deen. Here, they don’t have that ‘freedom’ we have in the west. They are surrounded by so much that it is actually hard to be the best of a muslim.

Also, they have no role models. The rasool alayhi asalam, was a living breathing model for the companions, thats why they had such amazing personalities. Their role models weren’t singers, or the smokers at 7/11. No. It wasn’t like that. They saw the beauty of islam, they learnt and preached about the love of Allah. Learnt about hell and paradise. Learnt about the best reward they can attain — seeing Allah azawajal’s face. The ultimate reward.

I find people, in the muslim countries, have such amazing opportunities, but truly don’t know to hold on to them. Lots of them huffaz, but don’t understand what they are saying — even if they ‘speak’ arabic. They don’t understand how you can be so into the deen and love it, and still be cool. Spending a lot of time, with a few of my cousins, I realized the blessing i live in, here in Canada. The blessing of knowing and being able to go and learn, and able to live islam the way it should be.

What i dislike most, are people who talk talk talk, and don’t walk the walk. Yes, it’s pet peeve. How can you preach words you don’t implement yourself?? I saw how lost people can be here, and of course it is the same in the west.

I wanted to convey to my cousins the beauty of the real islam. Salah, duaa, knowledge, quran, and so much more. But what i try to do is i try to act it out, in a more ‘attractive’ way since i am still in their age group. Simple things do it. Really they do. Like putting quran when going to sleep, like praying my sunnahs, randomly playing some lecture about salah and so on. I wanted to show them it in a practical way. To take them step by step, and together we can attain our destined goal. It took me baby steps, and still there is a long way to go. But i wasn’t planning on preaching them about hell, cuz really how long was that image going to last. But showing it to them, telling them, hey lets pray sunnahs, making it practical, i mean we all love practical right.

A big thing i find is some ‘religious’ peeps go out and say,

“Ohhh haraam you go to hell for music!!”

“Ohh haram you wear pants and no abaya”

“Ohhh haraaam this and that.”

A lot of my relatives then come to me and say, “Dania, tell them to wear abayas and not to listen to music, come on you’re a good girl.”

Hmm am i really going to tell them that? No. If someone came up to me back when i didn’t know much, and tell me what you are wearing is haram and sorry you are going to hell, i would probably laugh and tell them they are too religious for their own good.

But when my relatives told me this, i felt like if no one is able to convey this message to my cousins, and they love me and respect me, then i guess it is my duty. All the things the ‘elders’ told me to talk to my cousins about, i implemented them. alhamduliah.

Now as i go to bed, my cousin gets up to pray… “Dania, how many sunnahs do i pray before ishaa?”

SubhanAllah i felt like crying. Finally, what i wanted to reach them got there. My other cousin, sitting on the computer, downloading quran. Alhamdulilah. My other relative, i hear her voice echoing in the house, as she recites surat alkahf. I even remember one them so excited, “DANIA, i downloaded quran on my iPOD!!” mashaAllah πŸ™‚

Making me realize and understand this ayah:

Then, after that, your hearts were hardened and became as stones or even worse in hardness. And indeed, there are stones out of which rivers gush forth, and indeed, there are of them (stones) which split asunder so that water flows from them, and indeed, there are of them (stones) which fall down for fear of AllΓ’h. And AllΓ’h is not unaware of what you do.

[surat alBaqarah: 74]

Did the prophet ever give up. No. He always had hope. Even if their hearts were rocks, a river can always break through it. He denied Jibreel alayhi asalam to demolish a nation, just thinking that one of their offsprings will believe in the message. So how can we give up so easily. There is always hope.

I found this experience so humbling to my soul. I felt and really appreciated the blessing i live in. A blessing, i really never thought of. For me to be able to benefit my cousins was only a blessing from Allah. To allow me to reach islam, and love it, is a blessing. Allowing me to enjoy my life, as a ‘good’ muslim, is such a blessing alhamduliah. I cry to see the lost ones out there…. but inshaAllah my next target are those ones :P. alhamduliah.

SubhanAllah, it really is the way we act, and that is exactly how the Prophet did it. He didn’t yell nor hit, he didn’t force and make a burden upon his people. How could they have loved him? How could of leaders accept islam, if it wasn’t through his character, and his actions. If the prophet was a walking quran, its his manners and adaab that attracted people to this deen. How can we make someone love Islam, if we don’t act the way we are meant to be.

I mean this does go back to your relatives but also to everyone out there. You can’t be two faced. With true manners, you can attract anyone to what islam is truly about.

Wallahu tala alam


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  1. SubhanAllah man. that was truly touching. i find that u touch the hearts of many people when it comes to islam. u have this attractive force around you when it comes to religion (believe me, i’ve experienced it lol). and i love how u can be open-minded to how other people think when it comes to things like that. u look back at ur own past and learn from it, only to teach others too. ur a living, breathing example of Ghandi’s quote ” Be the change you wish to see in the world” . u talk about how blessed u are that u live in Canada. Well guess what? Canada and all the people in it are very blessed to have u. love u loads ❀

  2. “ya Rabb! Do not hold me to account for what she says of me…and forgive me for what she doesn’t know of me … and make me better than she could ever imagine ” ameen!!

    SubhanAllah asil, jazakiAllahu khairun for saying that πŸ˜› but yea i don’t know if i fit that description πŸ˜‰ your comment made me really like tear, a lot πŸ˜› subhanAllah ❀ ❀ ❀

    And omg, u so are my best friend, you know how i love that quote πŸ˜€ ahhaha and subhanAllah never knew i meant so much lol ❀ and as barney would say it ‘we are all special in our own way!!’ =)

    love you more ukhty ❀

  3. What a wonderful story, masha’Allah. And you are so right. Islam in Muslim countries way too often gets all mixed up with culture so you can hardly tell the difference any more. It’s sad to see people who have so many amazing opportunities miss they because they don’t even realize they’re there.
    I’m so glad you’re helping your relatives find Islam, especially by reaching out to them at the stage they’re in now. May Allah reward you Sister and bring you barakah for each step you help someone take.

    • JazakiAllahu khairun Ascension! πŸ™‚ your words are so kind! But i found this an experience for all of us in the outside world. With people coming to judge islam so much, its our duty to act upon the truth and be able to show them what islam is without having to lecture and preach boring stuff πŸ˜› lol

      Alhamduliah πŸ™‚ ameeen!

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