asaalamualykum wa rahamtuallhi wa barakatuhu

SubhanAllah! I reached 100 posts yesterday!!! šŸ˜€

I still remember how I began this whole blogging thing–

It was a lazy summer day over seas, had nothing better to do than roam the interent, my best friend had just made a blog, so I thought why not? I began posting and made it private, but then i told my sis and voila i have an average of 30 views per day now! subhanAllah

Time to renew the intentions! Was it really worth it, did i benefit anyone, did i benefit myself? SubhanAllah this whole blogging experience has been one like no other… i have met new people, have been able to increase my writing skills, and it has humbiled me so much wa lilahi alhamd. I remember a friend always told me that i must share the knowledge or else i would be asked in how i learnt it… and with a click of a few buttons inshaAllah it all comes up as a reward for me in the day of judgment!

So my dear readers, i would like to thank you very much for keeping up with my blog! šŸ™‚ Now its time for some beneficial criticism, thoughts, comments, and concerns šŸ™‚ that would be very much appreciated!


Now as i look back at my posts, i hope they were of benefit šŸ˜‰

So 101 posts over the past 6 months subhanAllah



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