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I know of a sis who would every day, start her day off with a nice walk outside holding a piece of paper. I never really knew what it was, i just thought she liked the nice breeze. But one day i asked her what she was doing, it turned out that that piece of peaper was not any paper, but it was the morning ath’kar.

SubhanAllah it was so amazing, i don’t know why it really hit me, but it did :). So i said to myself ‘hey why not?’. Alhamduliah, for the past couple weeks, i have been trying to become constant with the morning ones, and trying my best to remember the night ones. But seriously what better way to start your morning … so fresh!

There is so much barakah!! SO much! It just subhanAllah :p. You know how a lot of moslems come to a point where they are so overwhelmed with ‘who gave me the evil eye’. Well enough with the nonsense, the athkar not only protect you from the evil eye, but also allows you to have full tawakul on Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, to not even have the whole deal bother you! How awesome is that for some aunties eh ;).

So i found a paper stacked up somewhere on my desk, it had the daily atkhar, as it sat there some days i forgot it took it with me to school or wherever i would go. So then *halal drum roll* I just downloaded  the ‘AZKAR’ app on my iTouch :D. Man do i love it! alhamduliah

The days you start with the rememberance of Allah, are days worth living! Trust moi 🙂

If you do not wanna look like this…

Read your athkar!!


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  1. Ever since we were younger my mom always had us recite our daily dua’s with her, now I know most of them by heart but sometimes I forget to say them. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Yeah subhanAllah, a couple of things

    1) back in the day, my sis and I would play it on the stero while getting ready for school (yes it took us lik 20 mins :P)

    2) I put it on a CD, so whenever my mom drives and drops us off to school, they are playing

    3) my younger brothers cannot sleep for the life of them if mama didn’t read them, and even if they know them, they still like the atmosphere of ‘reading together’

    subhanAllah, so there are small things we should adapt in our every day lives!

    Your welcome sis 🙂

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