When you explain to me the meaning of freedom
You say you are an individual who should not be interfered with
They say you are a liberated soul
Allowed to breathe in your land openly

But what do you call those who seize that?
Take your land away claiming it’s their position
Thieves, liars, and revolutionists?
But when they take my land away, you say it’s their right

Justice, you explain that to me as a moral rightness
A right to have my own right
But they take my identity away
And still you say they are doing justice?

A child still innocent to the corruption of this world
I try to comprehend why my home is taken away
You tell me it’s because it is not mine?
But really then, who does it belong to.

You see, let me clarify it to you
This you see, is my land, my fathers land
This is my bed, my house, my tree
It belongs to me, and not you.


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