Mirror Mirror


I was on my spare, roaming the gloomy hallways of school, then randomly decided to go fix my hijab. It’s a girls thing right? Where we can spend a good 5 mins just staring into the mirror, and have the “mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?” 😉 thoughts wander through our head.

I turned to the mirror to fix up my hijab, fluff my abaya making sure nothing was on it, and the usual of washing my face. SubhanAllah, I just had quick flashbacks of how a couple years back, how I would stare into the same mirror, in the same bathroom. But I would look back to someone else- someone who didn’t yet understand the beauty of hijab and modesty.


As I stood there fixing my pashmina hijab, a girl, a muslim girl, walked in. I didn’t pay much attention to her, until she stood next to me. I turned and smiled at her, and then looked back at the mirror in front of me. I felt something iffy in my heart, and allowed myself not physically but mentally to step back and look at this situation.

I saw this young beautiful girl, decked out with make up, iPod blasting, tights, boots etc. But very beautiful masha’Allah. I then smiled at myself in the mirror, and repeatedly said, alhamdulilah.

“Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower.”

[Surat aliImraan:8]

Those beautiful ayahs ringed in my head and I thought of the image of this girl and I standing in the bathroom. Allahu a’alam who she was, and her state, I mean, I am not here to judge her. But for me, this allowed me to really contemplate about the meaning of hidyah (guidance). Once again, this does not have to do with the girl, just my random rants. ☺

“So, as for those who believed in Allâh and held fast to Him, He will admit them to His Mercy and Grace (i.e. Paradise), and guide them to Himself by a Straight Path. ”

[Surat alNissa’: 175]

As I continuously looked back at whom I have now become, I began smiling more and more (I think I scared the other people in the bathroom ;)), but I really began thinking how subhanAllah, the situation this was. Allahu a’alam, but she was looking at her self, making sure the puff of her hair was big enough, her mascara was dark enough. I looked at my paintless face, and properly redrapped my hijab.

I took a last glance, at this beautiful girl I saw staring back at me. That what I was wearing now represents me. That this is me. No need of mascara, eyeliner, tights, straightened hair, and lip gloss. And I am proud of what I have become alhamdulilah.

And that was the story of my trip to the bathroom :).

Reminds me of a pictorial —


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  1. Nice! I like your mirror becuse it tells you the truth not what what you like to hear only. I suggest writing on our mirrors with a lipstick this dua to remind us each time we look to see the beauty inside and not to distracted with outside look .
    Jazaky Allah khyr

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