Hey, Friend



Today, as i waited for my father at the masjid after salah, two boys(8yrs old) were playing with the snow outside. Slowly, as the masjid began to empty, they came to the sisters side. I talked to them, telling them to close their jackets and only play with gloves on, we began to talk. As we talked for a good 10 mins…they ran out of stories.

I then took out my phone to see what time it was.

The two boys were talking to each other and this is how the convo went:

Boy1: hey i am bored…

Boy2: lets go upstairs, they are having a halaqah!

Boy1: no way man, i came here to play

Boy2: you would rather play then listen to the halaqah…


This really made me think. Like, how this 8 year old boy was telling his friend, hey lets go listen to the lecture. Then the whole concept of you are on the religion of your friend came into mind.

Mind you, i had quite a long time to contemplate this issue 😉 lol

Anyhoo, it really got me thinking subhanAllah. This life, is basically a preperation for the next right? And in this life, we are bound to make friends right… but on that day do we want to be one of those who say:

10. And no friend will ask of a friend, [Surat alma’rij]

No. We don’t. Then i began thinking of school. And how high school is such critical years of life. If we don’t make good friends now, and stay upon the straight path, then that will end up being our life. Crocked.

This little boy, had the pure fitrah in him. He found that playing around in snow was a waste of time, and that it would be nice to go to the lecture. But his friend, was a bad influence (wallahu talaa alam) but said no lets go do this. The boy did what his friend said, and did not go to the lecture.

You know though, after learning that on the day of judgment how, no one will ask about the other, even the really intimate friends. There is an acception…

Except those who were righteous.

There will be 7 ppl who will be shaded under the shade of Allah subhanaahu wa talaa on the day where there is no shade but His, jalla jalaluhu. Will your friend allow you to be amongst them.

I realized, that there is such beauty in true (fillah) friendships. Sometimes you make those daily disposable friends, i guess you can call them. The ones you see at school, but don’t even know their last name…

Then i remember this quote:

To love each other for the sake of Allah is one of the most beautiful things Allah has given us. The salaf used to say: The sweetness of living is meeting our brothers. Umar used to miss Muadh and Abu Ubaidah radiallahu anhum so much that he used to twist and turn in bed until he met them in the morning. He used to say: Removal of all sadness is in meeting our brothers.

The companions cheirished the beauty of ‘fillah friendship’, its beacuse they truly understood it. Their friends, were not just friends, but companions. They did not allow them to go astray, or leave the dhikr of Allah. It is a blessing if you think about it.

This incident was a reminder to me, to reevaluate who i am hanging out with. Are my friends worth it? Well alhamdulilah, i think i did a great job choosing them ;). And again, friendship forever may exist, if you aim for jannah! 🙂 inshaAllah… one day chillin’.

And Allah knows best


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