Are those hands clean?



So this is a post i have been meaning to put up for a while.. so here i go πŸ™‚

Once upon a time, a month or so ago, we went to the Ontario Science museum. It was fun, of course! πŸ™‚ anyways, as i went to the bathroom, to make wudu’ this lady stopped me and asked me if i wanted to know how clean my hands were.

I have always been one of those people, who has a couple of sanitizer bottles in her purses, and spends a good amount of time washing my hands, with all confidence, i was like ‘Yepp sure!’

She put this liquidy soup thing and told me to spread it around my hands. Then, i had to put my hands in this black box, and she put an ultraviolet light over my hands, to show me the germ spots on my hands.

So it kinda looked like this… but obviously that’s not my hands πŸ™‚

close up:

Anyhoo, i was amazed subhanAllah. My family noticed that i was away, and came to see what i was doing. There we were , all trying to see how clean our hands were.

She told me to go wash my hands as i ‘usually’ do, and i will know how clean they are. So i go to the bathroom, put soap on my hands and rinse them for about 15 secs. I come back out, confident. Then seeing the light over my hands… still they weren’t that clean. So after a couple of tries, there were spots left. I kind of got annoyed ;), so i decided, whatever i need to pray. After the 3rd time going into the bathroom, i made wudu. Since i have been putting soup on for the past couple times, i just went on without using soup.

I came out, and we found a place to pray. As i came back, for the fourth time, i teased and wanted to see if my hands were clean, after i put them on the floor, after i had prayed.

SubhanAllah… they were SPOTLESS! it was just breathtaking! subhanAllah! There is such a wisdom behind wudu’ subhanAllah, just thinking about it, it happened a couple months ago, i was shocked.. we were all shocked : ) it literally kept us speechless! And the lady was pretty amazed too!

‘How’d you get them so clean?’
‘Ablution! :D’

Amazing πŸ™‚ alhamdulilah, is there any hadith about the importance of wudu’?


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