Music vs. Quran


In my anthropology class recently, we have been discussing the different emotions of people. We have to write a paper about a song, and discuss the different emotions. I remember i got so confused when she told us to do this paper. I tried to think of songs, but couldn’t really think of anything.

SubhanAllah, i did find a song, and write-up a paper, but it really annoyed me, the whole time i was doing it. I asked my friends in class to just tell me a song so that i don’t have to go find a song myself. But lol I got no help :). Even if writing the paper is ‘over’ it’s not totally over.

In class for the next couple days we have to hear all the songs the people wrote about. Thats 75 mins of music… for two days. SubhanAllah… skipping time? lol

Recently, i got pretty sick, and I got an ear infection. I can’t hear from my right ear.. alhamdulilah. I guess it’s a ni’mah I just didn’t know of. But it began once we began this project, which is kind of freaking me out subhanAllah, after all these years of not ‘dileberatly’ listening to music now I have to sit through a class and listen to them.

Sigh. Then you hear the beauty and eloquence of the Quran… how it’s about the ‘real deal’. How can I explain my feelings towards music right now? I just feel this disgust, how can my ears listen to something that is so bitter and meaningless. How can I discuss a song, how can I sit down and talk about what type of love is being expressed. InshaAllah it will pass but its been on my mind and kind of ticking me off 🙂

I had an obsession with music, because as humans we have to listen to .. something! Music was everything to me, i wanted to be like this singer, and i wanted to experience that type of love… etc. Its something natural, subhanAllah, but to what extent? 3 years ago, I found the quran alhamdulilah, and since then i haven’t truned back. The lessons i was able to derive from the quran are just breathtaking. I realized music depressed me because i didn’t have any of what was being said and expressed in the songs. It only made me want and want and it left me empty. The beauty of the Quran though, it filled me. When i heard about Jannah, it made me feel like there is really a purpose of life. When i heard about the steps of how a human is created, it created a divine link with Allah subhanahu wa talaa. This journey i took was rough, but then the light of the quran shone, and now i have it by my side can never be replaced. ❤

To me, once you appreciate the sweet words of the holy Quran, the bitterness of music just hurts and burns your ears. I don’t mean to bash anyone, but i just say this as a reminder to me first and foremost. alhamdulilah, my guide in life = quran.

This is where iPods come in handy alhamdulilah! and plus I can’t hear so  another pro! 😀 and Friday i am not going to school yay!


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  1. so true man. it kind annoys me when ppl. say music is their life. subhanallah, if only they new the beauty and elequence of the Qur’an

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