Checking my Kneemail


You know somedays you just feel so down, and you don’t find any other solution but to cry. You think you have ‘nothing’ left to live for, you have no one to talk to,nothing to do, you just wanna throw yourself on your bed and do… nothing?

I think it is time to reivie our divine connection with Allah. I speak to myself first and foremost. When i get so down sometimes the only way to rasie back up is to get down in sujood. Allah subhanahu wa tala is always there for me. A friend can be busy with her family, your sister might be busy studying, your daddy at work, no one there, but remember Allah jala wa ‘ala is always there.

“You are always busy checking your email, well it is time to check your kneemail.” -Shaykh YB

If you feel like you are going through a rough time, have patience, make duaa, and hey its a great time to connect yourself with Allah. Then when you get so used to it, you find yourself always talking and asking for His help, and that is the ultimate goal.

Sometimes in life you have a rusty connection with Allah, always asking in the times of need, and you find that the connection is quite slow. It is because you might have not taken the time out to make that certain connection the best one out there. So that in the times of ease its always there and the times of hardship, its is always there to aid you.

(I realized i always post about this, but it is duaa and salah, that really keeps our life rolling, i learnt the value of salah (divine link<3), and wallahi it makes life so much easier alhamdulilah… so lets try to get crackin’ inshaAllah)


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