Prepared for YOUR interview?



So the beautiful experience of… interviews! aaah 🙂 lol

Alhamdulilah, i had an interview today (my first ever) and it was just amazing! Subhan’Allah, the people were so nice and sweet and it was just amazing! What got me thinking though was a few things:

1) Religion and appearance: when i told my friends about this interview, first off they began talking about what should i wear. Obviously this is something that is going to be on my top priority, because appearances leave an impression. I simply said, an abaya and a blazer. Simple. Not to complex, neat and clean.

Abaya??? Seriously? And its black too :O. Alhamdulilah, yes i went in my loveley handy dandy black abaya, no problemo, i didn’t even think twice of wearing something else to the interview, if this position requires forfeiting my deen, then there is no use to it.

I went in my black abaya. And looked pretty decent alhamdulilah.

2) Preparation: So i went to this interview, really not knowing what to expect. It’s something totally new different, exciting and so many more things to describe it. How did i prepare? How long have i been waiting for that 15 mins to come? I made sure to stand in front of the mirror for a good 20 mins and review what i had in mind to say.

3) Being there: Now that’s a whole different thing. As i ‘prepared’ i felt nervous and shaky, what if i stumble what if i say the wrong thing? Maybe i will mumble? Eye contact!!!

It was soooo smooth alhamduliilah. I sat down smiled and introduced myself. They were very very nice and made me feel comfy and from there i took it away (well i think i did well… insha’Allah)

All this, the week I spent writing and editing my essay. The few days i sat compiling and organizing my resume. The effort i put in, and sincerity to my passion to what this was all about, all comes down to 10 mins of them asking me what i would do in what situation, and what I have planned and what my background experiences were like.

10 minutes. A month of preparing and sweating over, for 10 mins!

Alhamdulilah 🙂

Now this all got me thinking. That interview was a breeze alhamdulilah. How well do we prepare for our salahs? 5 times a day we stand in front of Allah azawajal! Allah! Like this really was more a reminder for me than anything else. I made sure i rehearsed and picked out the best things to say. For one simple interview, I picked out a nice outfit, was so excited/nervous/scared. I wanted it to go well.

Do you set a time before and after each prayer where you want to prepare before you go for this ‘meeting’ with Allah, make sure you smell good, made good wudu’ sit down, calm down, freshen up, rehearse?

Do we do that? SubhanAllah, a very valuable lesson i learnt from my aunt was the way she would get so excited when salah time came along. She left everything, got out her mat sat down and took a breather.

Something to think about 🙂


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  1. beautiful mashaAllah Dano ❤

    i loved it. i always brush my teeth before praying salah, cause i was thinking, we look and smell our best before our guests then why not infront of our Lord? subhanAllah.

    let m riterate this : if this position requires forfeiting my deen, then there is no use to it.

    awesome. mashaAllah

    hugs Dano, may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala give you all good both in this world and the next ameen 🙂

    keep sharing.

    • Thanks Momo 🙂

      It’s so true, like if you look at the duaa’ for istikhara, if it will harm my deen then i don’t want it.

      Ameen! ❤

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