This Hijab


I randomly stick sticky notes on my desk with short and powerful statements or quotes. My school agenda is filled with lines of poetry. I cut out quotes and sayings from magazines and create collages that hang in my closet. Words mean the world to me. They keep me going and allow me to stay motivated on a daily bases. Now, I found an accessible way to write on my mirror and not leave a mess. My handy dandy Crayola markers lie on my desk, and permit me to write down what’s on my mind, from tasks to quotes, onto my mirror.

The lyrics of the nasheed “The Veil” by Dawud Wharnsby Ali were lingering in my mind one winter evening, when I impulsively decided to inscribe these words on my mirror. The words of the song stared back at me. I stood there in awe, for a few minutes, looking at my reflection and momentary looking to the words of the nasheed.

This hijab,

this mark of piety,

is an act of faith, a symbol

for all the world to see

It has been a month since those lines have been on my mirror. Every time I lay my eyes on those words, a rapid shiver goes down my spine and a smile takes over my face. I wake up everyday, and wrap my hijab over my head. I look at my reflection, examining if I have fulfilled the obligations of the hijab.

My eyes glance over at the words written in purple on my mirror. Those four lines, simple yet so meaningful, make my heart to beat hastily. I look again in the mirror, thinking why do I really wear the hijab? The straightforward words remind me to renew my intentions, and ponder upon the true meaning of the hijab, and why is it draped around my head in such a manner.

This simple hijab, you see, it protects my dignity. I think of all the times that this hijab has protected me. The various situations I have been through that my hijab allowed me to shine. I remind myself of how this hijab is an act of worship, and the amount of reward I will receive, inshaAllah, for enduring this responsibility.

“How often it is that a small action becomes great by its intention. And how often it is that a great action becomes small by its intention.”

Intentions are what mold our actions. Sisters, remember: You are performing an act of worship. You are pleasing your Lord by covering yourself. You are a symbol of this deen, you are truly a mark of piety, and you are upon the truth. This hijab that is so neatly assembled around your head, is more than a cloth. It signifies your true integrity. Remember to renew your intentions and think about the real purpose of the hijab. Remember the immense reward you have for taking on this commitment, and smile, because you are beautiful.



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  1. Salam. Stumbling on your blog could not have come at a better time, Alhamdullilah. Its what I needed right now, its true when its said that Allah swt helps those that are seeking knowledge, couldnt concentrate on work today and felt guilty for it, then I remembered something I read, ‘read a script to be assured’ now I have forgetten what was it that lead me to you, but I must say I am ever grateful. I have read almost every post you have written, and even selected things I do not want to forget to read at a later stage inshallah. Its true when the prophet (pbuh) ‘faithful belivers are like bricks of a house, always reinforcing each other’. Thank you and I hope Allah grants you all the strength you need to reaching Jannah inshallah. Please pray for me in your duas, Im feeling a bit lost right now.

    • wa alaykum asalam, SubhanAllah your comment left me speechless. I am so glad my blog was of help! Alhamdulilah!

      Alhamdulilah, you are very welcome and ameeen to the duaa’ and my Allah reward you with the same!

      If you need anything inshaAllah just come back here and feel free to ask, it’s okay we all have our stages but may Allah reward you!

      Make duaa’ for yourself sis, sincerely

  2. Salam, Just me again, I emailed you a while ago. Well it feels ages ago and it has flown, I look at the date I think gosh, I dont know how I got here.

    I thought I would email you…I have been thinking about wearing the hijab inshallah. I am scared, I keep to and froying, I have been reading stuff online where some people say it is obligatory and some say it isnt. I know it is though, as I read this in the translation. Now I know the truth I know there is no excuse. Yet this does not compel me to wear it. Now I know not what to do. I maintain my namaz as much as possible, so my inward is at a better state. But I know that is not enough, another sister said to me wearing the hijab for her was like falling in love, it just happened. She wore it and never looked back since. I dont know how to get to this stage. Then I think I dont want people to think I am religious or pious because I am not. I have my shortcomings, I dont want people to think better of me, when I know the truth. Then i think of a friend who does wear it, on the odd occasion i.e. birthdays, weddings she takes it off, and wears it again – how to deal with this? I already am thinking if I wear it I will take it of for such and such occasion, otherwise I will feel ugly and out of place and not me.

    A bit lost. Was wondering if you could offer your thoughts. Its feels so far from me now, that feeling of wanting to wear it, doing it and feeling happy with.

    • Salamualykum sis 🙂 So nice to have you back here.

      Sorry for the really late reply!

      First off sis, i am really happy you came to talk 🙂 alhamdulilah.

      Now for your hijaab issue, if you really believe you should wear it, and now that you have read all about it and how it is obligatory in islam, then inshaAllah go ahead and wear it. You are never ready to wear it… till you do! Sister, hijab can be a stepping stone for you to become more firm on ur deen. None of us are perfect, we all have our flaws even if people don’t know them! Don’t EVER sacrifice your deen and say ‘ppl will think i am religious if you wear it’ Why not begin changing? InshaAllah 🙂 I say this to myself first and foremost because sometimes you may think that you are ‘better’ than others but inshaAllah hijab should help humble and erase those thoughts :). Don’t let shaytan come in your way.

      Sis, again, dont be afraid of what people say… In the end you will be alone on the day of judgment and Allah is the one who will reward you. Seek his reward and do it for HIS sake!

      Renew those intentions constantly and remember this: ‘Why am i truly wearing hijab? Am i obeying Allah? Do i want to become a better muslim?’

      Again, intentions are the key to doing the right thing. If you are going to wear hijab for someone else, than shaytan is messing with your brain.

      If you have friends wearing the hijab, ask them how they did it, and what they did to get to it. They will support you and encourage you inshaAllah. 🙂

      Hope this helps

  3. Thought I would let you know, that I am wearing the hijab as of today:))

    Shukrahamdillah, I dont know why I was so scared, but Allah swt made it easy for me, this hijab this mark of piety..this words ring in our head. Now I can see that I too hear and obey:) I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement, May Allah swt keep us steadfast on this path.

    • Allahu Akbar! Allah is truly the Greatest! Alhamdulilah, sis, i am sooo happy to hear this! 😀 How did it feel to wear it? I hope it was an awesome fresh day!

      May Allah subhanahu wa ta’al keep you firm on His path, and allow your hijab to make you amongst the salihaat and allow you to reach jannatul firdous with the prophet of Allah! May Allah bless you with the best in this life and hereafter.

      I am honestly very very happy alhamdulilah that my words were a sort of encouragement 🙂 If you wanna write about your experience, make sure that you visit our site 🙂

      Also, if you want to share something on my blog, don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

      Yay! Congrats sis and thank you for your kind words

    • Masha’Allah! I’m one of Dania’s friends dropping by, and I wanted to say congratulations to you on taking this step closer to Allah. Ameen to your du’aa, sister, may He keep you and us steadfast on the path of truth, and bring us even closer to Him in the days to come.

  4. Masha Allah, congrats!! You should totally write a piece on your hijab story – I know I for one would be interested in reading it and it could help other struggling girls out there insha Allah :).

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  7. Apologies for the delay Dania and a belated Ramadan Kareem. I hope it is treating you well, and you it. I am struggling with my goals and the feelings of being tired I can’t seem to be making any progress! I would like to submit my story online, but I think it is nothing special…Allah swt helped me thats all and brought people in my life to give me encouragement like yourself. I have been wearing it over a month now and I find it very natural, I cherish it infact. Never thought I would feel this way but I am glad and grateful to Allah swt for it. Funnily enough I even lended my comments to another sister, who has worn the hijab on Monday! Amazing. Thank you and please say a dua for me. R

    • Aww no problem. It’s great to hear from you sis. Ramadan kareem to you too. Alhamdulilah, Ramadan is great, i’m loving it! Being tired is natural, i don’t know about you, but in my region we are fasting for around 16 hours. At first i was really worried that i wouldn’t make it, but i looked at it from a different perspective. Ramadan is the month of mercy, the shaytan is locked up, its the month of quran, so i set my goals to reflect that. There are lots of sites insha’Allah you can find tools to help you. And about being physically tired, try taking naps! Hopefully that helps :).

      And about writing your story, i really really encourage it insha’Allah, you never know who you may touch and who Allah may guide through your words. =)

      About your friend, Allahu akbar! That is awesome to hear alhamduliliah! Keep encouraging her insha’Allah that’s awessomeee to hear! 😀

      Your welcome sis, and thank YOU for keeping me updated.

  8. I truly thank you for this… Wearing it everyday causes one to forget its very purpose and desensitises you to its true beauty, purpose and the very pillars it stands for… Remind for reminders will have effect… 🙂

    we are nothing but your faith and its symbol should br dealt with care.. x

    JazakaAllakhiran… x

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      • Salaams,
        As a hijaabi muslim sister wearing hijaab for almost 4 years now. I must say the beauty and inner strength I have found is amazing. May Allah continue to bless all of you in wearing the hijaab with love and pride. And grant Jannatul firdose for all InshaAllah Aameen
        Muslim sister- South Africa

      • wa salaam, jazaki Allahu khayrun sis for your input! may Allah give you the strength to continue and may it be a means of your ticket to janneh 🙂

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