It’s just one of those times, where you just feel so beyond extra super doopperrr happy and glad, greatful, it’s kinda not even explainable?

Well alhamdulilah, i feel it now. And i know the secrete ingreidgent to achieve this utter most happiness and satisfaction of the heart:

Duaa (Supplication)

Yepp, the weapon of the believer. Duaa, it’s one of those things that we are constantly told to do, constantly told the benefit of, but really, do we get up at night and take time out of our day to do this? The simplest of action we tend to forget so easily, subhanAllah.

Well, i think i learnt my lesson. Alhamdulilah recently(the past few weeks) i have been blessed with such amazing opportunites. One after another it was just like the snap of the fingures i found gates of opportunity open right in front of me. Now as i see what i have come too, i look back at that path of my destination, and i look at what awaits me. I wonder and ask myself, man how did i get it? How was i blessed, with such awsome things. What did i do.

Now that i think about it, was it my resume, my hard work, my essay, my quick applications.

Nope. It was the duaa. Well maybe those factors helped 😛 but subhanAllah i made sure i made my duaa something major. But it was like those mad sincere duaas, those times where you are just so commited that you make your istikhara because you seirously want something or make duaa for the best of it. Those wallahi, are the best duaas.

But hey, don’t stop there. Remember to keep on going. Now its time to thank Allah for blessing you with anything and everything. Even if you didn’t get that thing you wanted, thank Allah, praise Him, for choosing what is best for you. But even for that, we have to make duaa to Allah to always be thankful and remembering to thank Him.

ربــي أوزعـنـي أن أشـكـر نـعـمـتـك الـتـي أنـعـمـت عـلـي

Ya Allah, aid me so that I am thankful for all the blessings which you have blessed upon me (not sure of translation)


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