Secret Admirer


I come home from school one day and go to the mirror. As i start taking out the pins of my hijab i notice something shiny in my glasses case. When i opened it, i found a piece of pink gum. I laughed and was like yay gum!

Then after a bit when i went to sit on my desk, i opened my laptop, and there was another piece of pink gum.

Now i was kinda creeped out, but didn’t think twice, and just took it aside. Freaky part is, i glanced over to a small purse on my table, and saw this pink shiny wrapper hanging out of it, guess what, another piece of gum!

Hmm!??! Confused, i just ignored the matter and thought it was my mom who placed the random sticks of gum.

After a day or so, i open this little treasure chest which is on my table and there i saw two pieces of gum.

That was it, i was just furious fro some reason, where were all these pieces of GUM coming from!

I ran downstairs tow here my parents were enjoying a cup of chai, and blured out to my mom: “Are you my SECRET ADMIRER!”

Lol, probably not the smartest thing to do. Her reply was total confusion and not knowing what to answer. I explained to her how i’ve been finding gum everywhere for the past two days and it just got on my nerves. As i ran up to my room i wondered who would put gum, no one eats gum!

I was on the stairs when i heard my brother faintly say: “Hey, that pink gum, i put it.” He said it so causually as i have been so eager to know who’s been putting them forever!

It was so cute though masha’Allah, he told me he didn’t like the pink kind so he thought he give it to me, in such a creative way!

Really made my day!


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