Too Much


After the fall of Andalus, the Jews were tortured & burned alive by the Catholic inquisition, and the only place in the world they could seek refuge was the Islamic Ottoman empire, which provided complete protection for them and allowed them to live anywhere within the empire except: Arabian gulf peninsula, Palestine, & Sinai, since they knew their plans! Today, they have “thanked” Turkiye by returning the favour! – Shaykh Waleed AbdulHakeem

When is too much? Ya Al Jabbar, mend our hearts, mend the lives of my oppressed brothers and sisters. Ya Al Qahhar, grant my oppressed brothers and sisters justice. Ya Al Haqq wal ‘Aziz, grant the Ummah a righteous khalifa who will lead the Ummah back into the light. Ya Rabbi, to You we Belong and to You we Return… [via S.M]


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