A Friend Once Said


Friends have left different marks and effects on me. They do things, remind you of things, that you honestly thank Allah swt that He has blessed you and honestly it is a blessing.

For example;

Today, my friends and I were walking around, enjoying the summer breeze, when we passed an old lady. My friend smiled and said hi to the lady. The lady’s face lit up and subhanAllah, had a new look on her face.

We giggled at what she did but she subtley said:

“Honestly, that may be the only hello or smile they get all day. Why wouldn’t i be the one to give her it, and as a muslimah, and a hijabi, we got to do this stuff.”

*Silence* Even though she didn’t mean to shut us up like that, it really hit me. This certain friend of mine, has been there with me, through my ups and downs, and has taught me such lessons i will never forget.

Why would she smile at a random stranger, yeah i do that at times, in my neighborhood, where people know me, but that smile of hers, may have opened that lady’s heart.

The hadith of ‘a smile is a charity’, i felt it today. Sometimes we are need of a smile, its a gesture that means more than a smile movement of the lips, but can be weighed as a charity and when someone is given a charity, their happiness is at its utmost!

Another lesson i got today;

Life confuses us at times. We tend to hate and uff about everything that happens. After ranting off for a while, my friend said:

“so i just try to think that Allah doesnt test us with more than we can bear.”

Wow. Another moment of silence from my end. We tend to hate, and not realize the wisdom behind all the decree’s of Allah. I learnt from Surat Yusuf, that patience is the key. Honestly, its the key. But with patience you can complain, but to Allah! Its reward is so great, because it is the firs thing we *don’t* do. People wail and curse, then remember to have patience. But the key is to have patience, to accept and then you could *complain* in a certain manner.

Surat Yusuf 86. He said: “I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allâh, and I know from Allâh that which you know not.

Look at what Yaqoob went through. He went blind out of all his grief of the loss of his son, but he had beautiful patience, and complained to Allah.

We forget Allah. We do. When we cry, we reach for a Kleenex and a cell phone to call a friend. What can your friend do. Yeah they can help you out, sort of, but why don’t we keep those tears and reach for the quran, the guidance sent from Allah.

I really want to start applying this myself inshaAllah.

But in the end, this post was to be about what friends say that may be a little quote or two words, but its the simplest of things that leave an affect on others lives. I ask Allah to allow me to keep all my great friends ❤


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