Efrenjee <<Hidden Souls


Source: http://hiddensouls.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/efrenjee/


So bite me.
My notes are left to right.
That is what I know,
this is how I write.

I’m the organ transplant
every patient rejects.
Immune response mounted
against my foreign intellect.

To one group
Religious I am not.
But another group wishes
I was more liberal in thought.

I am my own group.
A total different breed.
I operate with different energy
And run with different speed.

I’m a flag with no culture.
A land with no king.
No boundaries I know.
No anthem do I sing.

I don’t wait for your judgement,
Or acceptance or approval.
I don’t count on a passport,
Or a stamp placement or removal.

I don’t believe in carrying
empty nationalistic pride.
Culture doesn’t govern me,
By its rules I don’t abide.

I stand for freedom and justice.
And will fight for what is true.
But Islam taught me that-
Not Arabs; Not Red, White and Blue.

I’m a universal product
And follow the universal religion.
Islam is my background,
language, future, and origin.

The Arabic language I cherish,
Its rich vocabulary astounds.
I love the shape of its letters
And the way that it sounds.

But in return for that love,
I’m not obliged to hate.
It’s not one language or the other,
To both I can relate.

I speak the silly English language
You can learn it from TV.
But that does not eliminate it
From my own identity.

So I speak ‘efrenjee
O, what an insult.
I’ll save you the trouble…
Here ends your witch-hunt.



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