You Have No Excuse



I was just going through my Journey of Faith notes, mashaAllah, it was a great time! I want to post up pics and random things but i will just go ahead with this lecture i heard :). (these are my notes…i am adding some of my reflections to them)


You Have No Excuse

by: Shaykh Alaa Elsayed

Have you noticed how we as muslims how we have made the Quran something usless and a burden to ourselves. We open the mushaf once a year. Take it off the shelf and blow the dust away…when ramadan comes! We then sometimes use it as ‘barakah’ and think some sort of ‘good luck’ perhaps will come out of it.

There are various ways we tend to abandon the Quran:

1) Abandoning listening to it

When Shaykh Alaa said this, i was imagining how sometimes we cannot leave our homes without our cell phone/ipod/any sort of itouch…but the Quran isn’t always there in our pocket. How many of us have only like 60 tracks of quran and 29820 tracks of so called ‘nasheeds’.

When we go quran-less we go lifeless. We can’t and should NOT go a day without listening to it.

One tip we should all try to practice is have a notebook with two sections. Begin reading the quran from surat al fatiha, and in one section write the ‘Commands’ and the next section write the ‘Prohibitions’. Go through the notebook and try to implement them.

2) Abandoning the Command

2) Abandoning Contemplating

How many of us read through the ayahs so quickly you forget what the ayah was before or what surah you are even in. We just want to ‘get it over with’. To taste the halawah of the quran, we have to go in depth. Learn/implement what you are reading! Try to read the translation and go into word analysis. There is an ayah saying ‘and do they not contemplate the Quran’.

The first word revealed was ‘Iqraa’ – read! Why is it that?

Surat alFatiha, we ask from Allah to ‘guide us the straight path’. 5 ayah’s later in surat al Baqarah ‘and this is the book *guidence* for the people!’


5) Thinking about the Future

We always think of the quran as if it was sent for those ‘scholars. Indeed it was sent for YOU!

So try to take care of the Quran. Don’t pull it off the shelf once a year, try to complete it ONCE a month. Or complete reading/understanding a SURAH a month!

Wallahu ta’ala alam

Side note: what we can benefit from this:

Ramadan is only 15 or so days away inshaAllah! I think a good thing is to start taking time out of your dedicating it soley to Quran. Try to finish around 20 or pages a day from now, so you are prepared and ready for Ramadan.


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  1. MashaALlah Dano jan, this is amazingly beautiful.

    i love you for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

    Your blog is beautiful mashaAllah, helps me keep on track subhanAllah. jazakAllah khayr Danosh ❤

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