Can I Ask You Something?


So this is a very overdue post … ie. since May 🙂


So alhamdulilah, i got a position as a Student Trustee. Basically, you are a student representative on the school board, attend meetings and do all that fun stuff :).

I still have yet to begin this journey, and am very excited alhamdulilah! Beginning off with this job, i was to attend a conference, with around 70 students from around the provience, all in the same position. I met amazing people, who have great goals in life, and have achieved more than i can imagine was possible! Students who got accepted into Harvard, and others who are offered to be a surgeon assistant in South America!

As i walked in the conference room, with my friend, i looked around and saw to be the only hijabi there. I didn’t mind, i saw it coming alhamdulilah. Everyone was really professional. I’m not usually the paranoid type, but alhamdulilah i got no weird stares, only huge smiles.

As the first day came to an end, and lectures were over, we all went out to eat some ice cream and sit down in the hotels garden. I went and put on a casual abaya and a sweat shirt.

So when we finally sat down, and got comfortable, all of a sudden one of the girls turns to me:

“Dania..this may be an uncomfortable question…but do many girls in your area wear the hijab?”

SubhanAllah! I didn’t imagine this topic to come up, i really don’t know why. But there i was, on a rant about hijab, what it is and why i wear it. Slowly, everyone began asking questions, some of them saying they have never seen anyone wear it before, asking me how i put it on, and how much they loved the colors and how i matched. What was interesting, is a lot of the students are from Catholic school boards, so they say they don’t have many muslims in their schools.

“So your not forced right? ‘Cuz people always say muslim women are oppressed!”

Amongst the crowd, there was a muslim girl, whom told us she was muslim, but has decided not to wear the hijab. “Politely”, i felt like she then began rebutting the fact that faith is in the heart, and that because her family doesn’t wear it, and she won’t. I did explain to them that hijab is obligatory in islam, and told them my evidence, and didn’t mean to sound rude in front of the other girl, but i don’t like deceptions.

One of the girls told me, which brought tears to my eyes:

“Honestly, i am so proud of you. You came in, assure of yourself, wearing proper hijab not like other girls!”

It was probably one of the best things i have experienced! After that, i felt how much i was respected, esp by the non-Muslims, and how i really left some mark. Honestly, before hand, i was quite nervous. I mean who wouldn’t be. It got kind of tideous at times and hard for me to get the strength to keep denying party offers after conference hours and not shake guys hands etc.  But in the end, i felt utmost repect and i made some really good friends alhamdulilah.

What i learnt from this, was to never be scared to take it to the next level. I was so proud of myself to get the position, because of my hijab i hoped it wouldn’t be a road block. Then the conference, meeting people from all over the province, made me learn more about myself, and my capabilities!

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it cannot bear… [2:286]”

Hotel’s Garden


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  1. Alhamdulillah 🙂 Your deen will never be a roadblock, inshaAllah, in the way of what’s best for you!

    PS LOL I was thinking whoa – did you just go to a conference I didn’t know about? Alhamdulillah you put it up 🙂

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