I Call it, Self Respect.



My little 7 year old brother has taught me a valuable lesson this past weekend. He is a soccer player mashaAllah, plays on one of the best teams of Ontario, and they play different tournaments throughout the province.

This weekend, was probably my first time, for me to be able to attend the tournament because it is summer time alhamdulilah, i really really enjoyed it. Other than meeting really amazing people who care for their kids and are like a tight nit family as a team, i learned a little more about my little brother.

As the day would begin, the boys were to wear their ‘rest’ shirts, like undershirts, they pracitced in before the real game. Then depending on what game it was, they were to wear their black or green t-shirt.

Before the game, the coach tells them what shirt they are wearing, and they change into the jersey. Of course all of them take it off in front of each other, i mean its soccer, and its typical, i never thought anything of it. But my lil brother, refused to take off his undershirt in front of anyone else. The coach yelled at him once or twice, then realized he was shy to take it off in front of the random girls on the field.

So every time he was to change, i would take him to a corner of the field, and cover him with my cardigan so he could change. SubhanAllah, his sense of hayaa just shown through from the rest of the kids. Not saying anything bad about them, but subhanAllah, i feel like the way kids are rasied varies.

I really respect my little brother, he has nothing to hide from his body, he isn’t insecure or anything, he does go swimming all the time with his friends, it was just the fact of “changing” in public that confused him.

I think the coach got it after a while, even though he yelled at my brother, not meaning to but, but telling him that its not good for him to wear an undershirt while playing soccer for 45mins. He is so brave to have the courage to understand that is ‘haram’ or not allowed to undress in front of people, subhanAllah, how hayaa is ignored these days.

Masha’Allah, he has hayaa, he respects himself. He is my hero!


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