Through the Static



Its been around 8 days, since my cell phone contract finished. No more cell phone. Tonight insha’Allah i am going out to get my new cell, but over this past week, i learnt a lot about self-control.

So, what has being cellphoneless taught me:

1) Texting. My ultimate fitnah. I am a texter, straight up, i don’t stop. It can be pretty bad, and the only time i don’t text is probably in the car alhamdulilah, i would prefer not to start that habit. Texting and driving. And i advice everyone to never touch their phones while driving.

I think the biggest challenge for me, was to deprive myself from texting, yea i feel deprived but not anymore, i like being ‘detached’. Yeah, its hard to keep in touch with some people without my phone, but then you realize how much people will go out of their way if they ‘really’ want you, other than that, its nice to be at home, and have nothing to do with the outside world. I sound paranoid, but i think most of you know what i mean? Esp with Ramadan around the corner, detaching myself is my goal!

Anyways, don’t text and drive …watch this (it is graphic):

2) WHERE ARE YOU? The most randomest craziest things happened to me this week alhamdulilah :). First, being on a highway, coming to realize my gas tank was empty then freaking out, and not knowing where to go, then missing my AlHuda class.. yeppers, driving! Lol, I never understood, the true ni’mah of having my phone in my purse at all moments, just in case a disaster happens, my dad is on speed dial.

3) Going out? Come home at ___ pm/am: I realized that i must control and restrict my outings. With my cell phone, sometimes i got carried away with my friends my mom would just call/text me to come home. Now without my cell, i know that ‘Okay Dania, you got 2 hours, don’t abuse the time your parents give you’ and wow does it work!

4) Phone vs. Personal Life! Hmmmm my cell phone is still on my table, sitting there all lonely, but since its contract it’s over, i find myself so detached to even press the button to see the time. I learnt how to spend more time with other things in my life. Instead of pulling it out to text, i pull out the Quran laying beside it, or a book from my shelf, which is good right alhamdulilah.

There is a first time for everything, meaninig, yeah it was hard, but i guess it was worth it. I learnt that i can survive without a cell phone, even though its been what? a week? In the beginning i thought i would just pull all my hair out (exageratting) but now, i don’t know … do i really need a cell (if mama and baba are reading this, yes i do please :)).

Life’s a test, doesn’t always go our way. It has its ups and has its downs, but its for us to learn more about ourselves, and find new ways to adapt to what we may have lost or gained, and make the most of our time.


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  1. SubhanAllah. This made me smile.
    I’ve been out of credit for I think, 2 weeks. People text, and it’s agonising that I can’t even tell them I’ve got no credit.
    People call, and seeing as my phone is a little bit rubbish (4years old and has to be on speaker to hear the person on the other end) I can’t talk for long.

    Having a broken credit-less phone has meant I actually forgot it when going out yesterday! Which I have only ever done once before!

    Hats off to you for replacing texting with Qur’an. (: I should do that actually, instead of replacing texting with msn :S

    This has made me think, jazaakAllah…

    🙂 TheSisterWhoSmiles

  2. LOl you talk about your cell like its some sort of child…

    As for me, I hate cell phones, I hate the fact that people can reach me whenever they want, and I would gladly donate or destroy my phone if I didn’t want it as a fajr alarm clock (and to occasionally keep in touch with the parents). Seriously though, my phone is mostly a fancy alarm clock.

    And something random, in Surat Al-Noor we are instructed to knock on someone’s door a max of 3 times and then LEAVE. Even if you know they are in there and ignoring you! I just wish people would learn to apply that to cell phones… I hate having 13 missed calls from someone (or more than one person).

    Oh and one last thing, answering your cell phone is OPTIONAL. People never got mad when you didn’t answer your house phone! Sometimes I wonder if our cell phones are like pagers.. we are always on-call!

    Actually, last last thing. My phone is always thrown in a corner on silent. I check it at the end of the day. It really is SILENT!

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