Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan alsana dee! :)



Yeah remember that song from our childhood? Ramadan alsana dee? (In english it means ‘Ramadan this year!’) The nasheed here.

Anyways, Ramadan this year, is in summer time! That means, longer days for us to read quran insha’Allah, and no homework! That means that you should take advantage of every moment of this Ramadan insha’Allah.

Also, just thinking of all the people who were with us last Ramadan, and have passed away before witnessing this Ramadan. Do you think they even imagined not reaching this Ramadan?

To those of us complaining about Ramadhan coming in the summer, is this how you approach the month if mercy? The month where Shaytaan is gone & the gates of Heaven are opened? The month where the reward of one good deed is multiplied immensely? The month that the Qur’aan was revealed? Remember the condi…tions the Companions fasted with & ask for forgiveness. I ask it from every one of you now. 🙂 [via fb sis <3]

Some interesting reads/lectures for Ramadan insha’Allah:

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