Ramadan Diary- Entry 1



So I have some babbles i might share during Ramadan insha’Allah =).


Don’t miss out on suhoor!  Prophet (Pbuh) said: “ Make sure to have your suhoor meal, for suhoor is blessed.” Today i woke up late and my parents lectured me about waking up earlier on, so i could eat enough and drink a lot of water. Tip to those like me who cannot eat a lot when they wake up, wake up earlier and pray some qiyaam, keep drinking water and have some snacks, maybe fruit. Also, after taraweeh, have a sandwich and a couple glasses of water, so you stay hydrated insha’Allah.


Hmmm i’ve got this goal of reading the Quran twice this Ramadan. I really want to insha’Allah! But for me personally, i learnt over the years, not to read a huge chunck at one time. Alhamdulilah, i’m proud of where i am at now, but what i do, is basically between each juz i take a break, and when i’m in the middle of a juz and feel drousy and sleepy, i get up, wash my face do something different, then come back. That way I don’t get tired and take the whole benefit of what i am reading insha’Allah. Also, one observation i realized, the first 3 juz’s are so easy, then when Surat Ali Imran begins it takes me longer to read. Not that its a bad thing to take longer reading, but because most of us have surat al Baqarah memorized, or are VERY familure with it (duhh!) lol, it rolls off our tounges. This really is an eye opener for me because it makes me realize that i need to practice reading and finishing the quraan more throughout the year.


Lots of people deactivate their Facebook, and close their computers during Ramadan, and i think that’s great. But for myself, in the past two days of fasting, i’m teaching myself to control my opening of the computer. Yes i know i will open my email (I have my reasons) and I have my AlHuda course, but i’m not wasting my time, watching useless trailers and clips on youtube. This Ramadan, i plan to teach myself self control.


Love it. Period. Taraweeh in my area, is just amazing alhamdulilah. We have our Qari come over from Bangladesh, and i couldn’t picture Ramadan without him. But what’s cool about this year, the board decided to allow one of the younger boys (grade 11) who masha’Allah is amazing! TabarakAllah to split up the taraweeh. First four is the main Qari and the last four is the bro from here! I love this system alhamdulilah, you hear two different amazing recitations in one night.


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  1. Word to time management – I’m learning too alhamdulillah 😛
    PS Love the taraweeh part – may Allah swt protect Qari Muzammil and Muhammad Khan!

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