Ramadan Diary – Entry 3



Couple reflections:


For the past three days, i prayed taraweeh in three different masajid, and each time i prayed it … the same juz’ was being recited. Thursday night, main masjid was ahead, the next day, i heard it from another masjid, third day, another masjid, and same juz’. It was nice subhanAllah. Each time i heard it from a different qari’ and a different setting.


We held a qiyaam for the girls yesterday night alhamdulilah. At first it was quite overwhelming for me, first time to be in ‘charge’ and i wanted everything to go right. We had two halaqah’s; Duaa and Goals. From the goal talk, two sisters did it,they gave out lil door hangers and made everyone to write ONE goal for Ramadan and hang it on their door. I looove the idea masha’Allah! The duaa’ halaqah was taken from Shaykh YQ’s series you can find here.

The girls began to get really loud by the end of the night, which got me very irritated and my voice got louder, insha’Allah though no one took it personally lol. So reflections from that is don’t give girls ‘free time’…ever!

I think that is it 🙂


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