Chit Chat


Oh lets have a little chit chat:

“OMG. Her hair, totally not nice, who the heck does she think she is”

“Did you seeee that! She totally gave me a dirty look”

“I’m telling you, she hates me, she hates me!”

Uhh, what is up with girls these days. All they have time to do is talk, talk, gossip, spread rumors and talk! Why?

Insecurity, i believe, is the reason to all of this. To boost their ego, they must step on a couple to get up there. They themselves must hurt others.

Gossiping, its like this nasty contagious diesase. I talk to myself first and foremost, cuz i am not perfect, yepp, i’m human, we all fall into mistakes. I catch myself sometimes lost in a convo about how that person totally gave me a dirty look, or how she is dressed today is so shallow. But it happens.

What ticks me off, is when its a constant blabber. Something you find people feed off of, they MUST talk about others at any time of the day, it just is part of their daily lives.

Sometimes i wish i could hang out with guys, just the fact that during lunch at shcool they play football not have to sit with girls who have to talk about each other.

SIGH. The thing is, i don’t want to be rude to some friends, so i just go off to study, but at times i just feel soo sorry for people who cannot control their tounges, it just makes me sad that they cannot carry a normal conversation without mentioning someone else in a negative manner. Its something i feel like we all neeeed to work on, and if someone advices you a nice advice saying ‘tone it down’ don’t get mad, they just love you.

Sometimes i just wanna yell out ‘YOU ARE EATING SOMEONE ELSE’S FLESH!!” sighh may Allah guide us all.


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  1. dania 🙂 you are amazingg masha’allah when it comes to your writing skills.
    i guess one thing you can do to tell your friends, or anyonee, “lets try not to mention names”, its a great first step for everyone =]

    • Thanks beautifful ❤
      Yeahh, so true, thats what i have to hold myself back from a lot sometimes, not mentioning names, its sooo hard subhanAllah ! But the reward we get out is ooutt of this world 🙂

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