Ready Set … Oops.


“You can make mistakes and not be a failure if you give it your full effort. Effort includes both preparation and execution. You are never a failure if you gave it your all, unless you blame others for your mistakes. When you place blame, you’re making excuses; when you’re making excuses, you can’t evaluate yourself; and without self-evaluation, failure is inevitable.”

I read this quote, and didn’t really know what to think.

As i approach my last year of high school, the stress comes down to every test i take, every mark i get, everything i add up on my resume, and everything that appears on my transcript. Overwhelming. I don’t know how people do it, i don’t know how they did it. I just know, i must do it.

I look at my piles of homework, and wish with all my heart, that something will just swoosh over them for them to be done. Over with. To see that beautiful A in a circle on my paper.


Reality, nope. Why isn’t it as easy as my past 14 years of school have been? The quote above says you make mistakes. We all make mistakes no…but do i have time? Its been two months, and in a short time i will begin applying to university, i have no time for mistakes.


I am working hard, and i feel like shouting that out to the world. I’m making and discovering new ways to study, new ways to get my marks up high, and get that 90 avg. It seems so close, yet so so far to grasp.

Sometimes we want to cry, but then again, in grade 12 you’ve got no other option then to study.


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  1. awww…. dani.. *hugs* it’ll be done with soon and soon you will only remember school with nostalgia Inshallah

    My university’s last year was tough… but what i tell you man! now i miss all of it!! Though i didn’t aim for avg 90’s 😉

    Inshallah you’ll be done soon with wonderdul marks and grades

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